Hubitat Subscription - Migrate to a new hub

I just purchased the subscription service so i could migrate from a c5 to a c7.
I think i missed something on the documentation however and wanted to ask if i read the T&Cs correctly.
If i purchase the subscription for my c5...then migrate to the C7...the subscription service, warranty and benefits of the subscription service stay with my c5 and don't transfer to my new that correct?

If thats the case...can i purchase a single subscription for my c7 and still migrate from my c5 to my c7 which in my case should keep the benefits attached to my c7?

Hub Protect is positioned as a warranty service, not a z-wave migration service. So it would need to be purchased on your C-5. Hubitat staff can advise you on whether a Hub Protect subscription can be transferred to a new hub. Tagging @support_team.

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Appreciate that.
Hopefully i can refund the subscription service on the c5 and re purchase it for the c7....providing i can migrate from my c5 to my c7. Otherwise - not the service i was looking for.

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You can. I used a Hub Protect subscription to back up the z-wave network on my C-5 and restored it to a C-7. I then used Hub Protect to move my z-wave network from the first C-7 to a second C-7 that was modified with an external antenna.

Note that Hub Protect doesn't migrate a zigbee mesh in the same way. You will have to reset/re-pair your zigbee devices, which will then slot back into their existing device names/ids.

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Hi there, unfortunately, the subscription is non-refundable. We recommend enrolling the new hub in the Hub Protect service, then sending a message to @support_team so we can temporarily enable Hub Protect service on the old hub.

With that being said, please send me a private message and I will help you transfer the service from the C5 to C7 so you don't have to pay for the service again. Also, see this post for additional details:


Of course you'd have to get them to respond. I have sent two emails, got automated responses (that they got my emails) - but that's it!

With respect to what? Have you seen the new Support website? If you have specific issues with a Hubitat Subscription, post them there, and @support_team will address them.

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