Hubitat stopped working

I had a working system with more then 20 fibero and some other devices.
suddenly it stopped working.
Whenever I click on a button in the dashboard or even in the devices (on) nothing happens.
The icon become ... and nothing happens.
The dashboard shoes mostly wrong state,
However in the log I can see nothing wrong. all looks fine and there is no problem at all.
I can see even log showing the action I have done.
How can understand what is wrong?
I can I find the problematic behavior?
was something changed in the events sent in the last updates?

And the most problematic thing is why the whole system stopped working? why can't it tell what is wrong?

In addition, when I try to debug it looks like many classes have changed without notice and instead of meterv3.MeterReport meter4 is thrown and changes like this. How can I trace all the changes you are doing and why should I expect that after env upgrade everything stop working?

I am frustrated, and try to think if I should move to another more stable hub.

Did things stop after you updated?
If so what update was it? What is your current version that you are running?
What Fibaro devices are giving you issues?
All of them or just specific ones?
Are you seeing any errors in the logs?

If you could be a bit more specific I'm sure the guys and gals on here will assist and hopefully gets things working again for you.


I have latest
I believe it started when I upgraded to 2.2.2
I have Fibero FGS 223, I took the latest driver from ~20 days ago,
I don't see errors in the log but I can see that there are un-handled events, while I didn't see it before.

here are sevweral examples

debugUnhandled event MeterReport(meterType:33, precision:1, scale:2, size:2, meterValue:[0, 0])
debugUnhandled event MultiChannelAggregatedMembersReport(aggregatedEndPoint:4, bitMasks:0, aggregatedMembers:[])
Unhandled event MultiChannelEndPointFindReport()
debugNon-parsed event: zw device: 4F, command: 200D, payload: 06 01 20 01 FF , isMulticast: false
debugUnhandled event MultiChannelCapabilityGet()

Can I go back to previous hub version?
Thanks for assistance

What hub are you on? C3, C4, C5 or C7.
There were some major z-wave updates from 2.2.2 to
Are you seeing any z-wave errors in your logs?
You may have to exclude the FGS-223 and re-include it.
Is this easy to do. Will it mess with too many rules.
That might be a good thing to try to start with.

You can revert back to 2.2.2 if you wish but I would try and see if you can fix the issue first.
In the z-wave menu and your devices, are you seeing anything unusual.
Ghost devices that have no name and no info in the IN or OUT clusters.

have C5,
I handled several errors and now there are none.
I have a lot of switches FGS223 and something very similar with almost the same driver. (it was working perfectly before)
In addition I have many rules.
I tried to avoid this work since it will consume a lot of time (several hours)
In addition, I'm not sure now if I have to fix the drivers to include the new events as you can see in the logs above.

If you wish to revert to go to
Backup and restore
You will see If you want to restore a previous Platform Version [click here]
Click on restore previous version
You should be presented with the last 3 updates you did.
Hopefully you have a package.
If you wish, click on it and you will restore this package.

DISCLAIMER: I have told you how to do it. I take no responsibility if this does not work.
You might wish to go to support first for them to take a look.
Your choice.
Good luck.

Also you may wish to hold off in case someone else posts here with better advice.

probably best to ask @bcopeland he is the guy for this.

@9999341 is this a custom driver?

Does a reboot fix or do you have to power down and unplug to restore communication with z-wave devices

  1. reboot doesn't fix.
  2. unplug wait and replug works for some time.

Well, after several days/weeks without functioning system, everything started to function back.
I can't tell why, maybe a problematic Zwave switch that I have removed from network several days ago, did it, or something else. I Just can't tell, and the bigger problem is that I don't know why it stopped and I can't say why it started working again, and when it will stop in the next time.

Anyway, I think that the system shouldn't be so sensitive to a problem in one device, and that it should handle problematic drivers and devices.
Thanks to everyone that tried to assist.

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