Hubitat stopped working

I can't control any devices either through the app or by logging in through the website
Still have a green light on the Hubitat. I've rebooted still nothing. For each device I click the on button does nothing. With the app, I just get an hourglass
Any ideas

When you say you logged in through the website which website do you mean specifically? Have you tried putting the IP address of the hub in your browser and navigating directly to the UI?


up thats what I do. Use Chrome to open Hubitat
Can log in and see all my devices but cant turn them on

Not sure if it happened the same time but this morning through package manager it said there was an update so I did that and it updated WebCore and Package Manager

Which "on button" are you clicking?
What do your logs show when you click that button?

Screenshots are usually helpful. :smiley:

Edit: You might need to go to Hub owners - Hubitat , join the group and then you'll be able to post pics/screenshots.


Shut down the hub from the settings menu., unplug power to the hub (at the wall not the hub) for 5 mins and power back up. Does that solved it?

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That did it everything seems to be working.
Was a little nervious
Is there a way to back this thing up if I ever have to replace it

Yes indeed. You can download backups using your browser or you can subscribe to hub protect and use their cloud backup service. Hub protect also backs up the zwave database so you wonโ€™t have to re-include devices if you need to swap hubs. Zigbee devices unfortunately would need to be re-paired.


Thanks for the info. I checked that out. Hub Protect is a $30 a year service.
If I do a backup locally the only thing that does is backup WebCore and Rule Machine and any other apps I have installed. I would then have to add all my devices again. If I had to replace the hub. If I use Hub Protect if I had to do a hub replacement all I would have to do is do a restore and then the only thing that would be missing is my Zigmee devices
Is this right

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Yep that's right for the most part. Your Zigbee devices will be there but you have to re-include each one in order for the system/devices to recognize each other.

Restore service is also good if you eventually want to upgrade to a newer hub.

One thing you might want to consider if you plan on keeping this system running for a long time (like years) is consider purchasing a backup hub the next time they are on sale. Start it up and register it then shut it back down and stick it on a shelf somewhere.

IF you are using the Hub Protection service you could consider restoring to the backup hub as well before shutting down. Note: I have NOT done this yet but seems like it might be a good idea.

The backup hub you mean just purchase another Hubitat hub.
If so
How would it get a backup on it if im not using the paid service

You wouldn't .. sorry if I was not clear. Yes with the Protect service. Any HE hub needs to be activated first. If HE goes away and your primary hub dies then your backup hub should still be able to take over.

EDIT: You would have to keep the backup hub OFFLINE though as it would conflict with the primary hub!!!

You didn't specify what protocol these devices are running. If Z-Wave, you may want to check out this thread... Failure of All of my Zooz remote switches - #15 by bobbyD

I have a solution for that, but its not for the faint of heart: [BETA] Hub Failover - AKA an opportunity to protect or destroy your environment

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Sorry guys im confused
This assumes im not using paid service
1... The only advantage to a backup hub is time saved getting back up as i wouldnt have to wait for replacement.
2... With a backup hub i still have to do a restore from locally save backup and then re include all devices
2... With the locally saved backup i only have saved installed apps like WebCore and all the pistons and Rule Machine along with all the rules and any other app.
3... with the paid service and a backup hub all i would have to do, if first hub broke is to plug it in and id be back up. As long as i had no Zigbee.

Yes that seems correct - also would add the zigbee re-include is actually very easy so should preclude you from using those types of devices. Normally the Protect service would be fine - you'd just buy or upgrade a new hub and use the service to restore.

I kind of complicated things by suggesting that if you plan on having your system for years a good idea would be to have a spare on hand in case the hardware fails. Taking it one step further if you have the Hub Protect service you could do a "restore" to your spare hub and then take it offline. That way no matter what happens to Hubitat, Inc in the future you should be covered. Also maybe a good idea to fire up the spare hub (temporarily shutting down the primary) periodically to do another restore from the Protect service and maybe update the platform software. You could also do something like this without the Protect service but you'd lose your Z-Wave pairings and would need to keep some backup files offline.

This is a great post by @thebearmay describing the backups.

Right. To clarify local backup keeps the entire database including the zigbee id database but not the z-wave radio database. So if you have to reset the z-wave radio you cannot restore it. Doing a regular database restore though will not disturb the z-wave database and you won't have to repair z-wave devices.

Hubitat protect backs up the entire database including the z-wave radio database. This is good in case of catastrophic failure and you have to change hubs. Or if for some reason you have to reset the z-wave radio.

Neither backs up the zigbee radio but this isn't really much of an issue as all you have to do is re pair the zigbee device and it will go back to it's old slot. On the other hand if you're upgrading from lets say a c5 to a c7, in most cases you simply run both hubs side by side. Then you remove the zigbee device from the old hub, then start inclusion on the new hub and it will pick the zigbee device up without you doing anything. (A very few devices will have to factory reset to be transferred)

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Is there a technical reason the Z Wave radio database can't be backed up? I know we can't (without Hub Protect) but I'm wondering what the reason is. Is it purely technical or is it in order for Hubitat to sell that service? That's not a criticism, by the way.

Prior to the C5 you could theoretically backup the DB by putting the external ZW stick in a computer and running some software to handle. Seemed perilous at the time so avoided it.. I'm guessing you could do this with the C7 if you had direct access but for non HE system programmers it's a no go.

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