Hubitat SMS Message Capability

Is there a way to enable a Hubitat to send SMS messages? I do exercise its Samsung app notification, but SMS capability might be a good backup.

Hubitat no longer supports SMS. Pushover is supported. I believe it is a one time $5 purchase and works very well.
Pushover setup guide

Iā€™d like to see it support smtp email. Many carriers have an email address which turns the messages into texts, so smtp capability would allow you to send texts as well.

For example, if I remember correctly, AT&T uses, where You substitute the actual number for my fake 3333333333 number.

I'm doing it via MQTT and a bash script that sends email to Verizon's SMS service,

The Twilio driver is great. You get like 1500 SMS free messages before they start going for about one penny each. The Twilio website has good tracking and plotting of message throughput.

We do this via @Cobra's EmailNotifier driver. It can be downloaded from his website (along with other cool and useful apps/drivers) after free registration.

For anyone that needs it my company keeps this list of txt to email adresses. If you know one we do not have listed please LMK.

Carrier email to txt

AT&T: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

T-Mobile: {cell number} (SMS & MMS)

Verizon: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Sprint: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

XFinity Mobile: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Virgin Mobile: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Tracfone: {cell number} (MMS)

Metro PCS: {cell number} (SMS & MMS)

Boost Mobile: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Cricket: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Republic Wireless: {cell number} (SMS)

Google Fi (Project Fi): {cell number} (SMS & MMS)

U.S. Cellular: {cell number} (SMS), {cell number} (MMS)

Ting: {cell number}

Consumer Cellular: {cell number}

C-Spire: {cell number}

Page Plus: {cell number}