Hubitat Smart Hubs Add Optional Subscriptions

This sums up nicely what Hubitat services are all about!

"Hubitat’s new subscriptions, however, are entirely optional. They add new features, and don’t lock out any existing capabilities you might enjoy."


So, how do I get the secon Cloud Protect license for my second hub for only 19.99? When I try to add the subscription for the second hub, it still says that it is $29.99.

You need to use the multi-hubs code at check out.

And where do I get that code, after I have already registered my first hub?

That code becomes valid as soon as you have signed up one hub.


Sorry, but I never saw that code until just now in your post. Where was I supposed to find it?

Looking back, you said it multiple times, but I didn't catch that it was a code - perhaps if you had said to use the "muilti-hubs" code at checkout...

My bad...


Is there a way to move hubs to a different registered account?

I have two accounts each for a hub in different houses.

Please reach out to us at with your MAC addresses and the email you'd like to move the hubs under.