Hubitat Simple Lighting no Refreshing(BUG?)

I have a simple light rule turn my ZigBee light bulb on at 8 and off 11 pm
The rule itself works as expected but the hub thing the light bulb are still on, when I check the dashboard it says they are on after 11 pm but they are off. LOGS

app:1982019-07-12 08:00:00.131 pm infoTurn On/OFF @ 8PM/11PM Turn On

Take the Dashboard out of the equation: what does the device page itself say? If that's not right, the Dashboard won't be, either, but this would help figure out where the problem lies.

THe device page display ON the same as the Dashboard

Not sure if its by Design but if i select Enable debug logging for Generic Zigbee bulb the device now report the lightbulb status correctly, if its not enable the light bulb work but does not report the changes to the HUB