Hubitat/Sharptools, authorize a token per hub at different locations

Currently Hubitat is only authorizing a single token regardless of hub location and different LAN's. So sharptools can only authorize one location at a time or one hub which means you can only access devices from one or the other hubs in Sharptools. Not both at same time.

Authorize a separate sharptools token per hub. Allowing sharptools to get device information from all hubs, not just one or the other.


I'm putting the kids to sleep, so my apologies in advance for the short reply, but I can comment on this further later if needed. A new token per hub is actually part of the challenge.

Quoting from the first thread you linked to:

Thanks for clarifying, I dont know all the internal details so maybe you can provide some more when possible, but the issue still stands. Only one Hubitat location can be accessed at a time.

I don't have much more to add regarding the challenge, but quoting from the thread linked above again:

There hasn't been a ton of interest in the feature request that was created to authorize more than one Hubitat location in SharpTools even though the question has been brought up a few times.

If I had to take a guess why the feature request hasn't received many votes, I would think it's because there are workarounds with HubConnect or HubMesh:

Hub Mesh is not an option for multiple Hubs at different locations/LAN's. HubConnect is not easy to implement when hubs are miles apart.

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