Hubitat seems to be falling apart

Not sure that I can characterize the failures I'm seeing more than that.

Reboots don't seem to help, nor do z-wave rebuilds. Symptoms are that sometimes events take up to 45 seconds to happen, other times they're immediate. This is mostly via mqtt. Other times things just get dropped, z-wave locks seem to come and go at will especially. This all seems to be happening at the hubitat, perhaps in the mqtt bridge app.

Again I don't have time to characterize this all before my laptop battery dies. This was all working for months and then it just started going to sh*t. It's extremely disappointing. I don't quite understand what could degrade across reboots like this...

Have support given you an idea what is causing your issues?


Is this my MQTT app Bill ?
What version are you running ?

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I just spent better than a week trying to figure out why my entire hub was running slowly, dropping devices, and all out failing to trigger commands. It affected my zwave and zigbee networks significantly. I was convinced that it was the hub. Through this, I learned that picking apart and pausing everything and shooting everything will make that evil little guy show it's face. Have you recently added anything new? changed a rule? Let's take a look at more than just where the symptoms are showing up. Have you tried disabling certain apps to see if response improves? what steps have you taken to try to isolate these issues?


Troubleshooting is quite simple, but somewhat time consuming. Paraphrasing Sherlock Homes here but, you eliminate things that it isn't. What you have left is the answer. As @april.brandt found out, it does take time.


Hi kevin-
no its not. It's the old from 2016. I was staying with it because it's been stable for almost a year. Until recently anyway. I may have to move to your app if this continues. I'm trying to be more cautious about that sort of thing these days though.

I haven't added anything new terribly recently. Generally I prefer to do the programming for the house on appdaemon and then communicate to hubitat with MQTT. Recently however I've gotten into the habit of doing simple things in rule machine. I wonder if one of these rules has an issue? Perhaps I should go through and disable them one by one?

How hard would it be to migrate to the more recent mqtt app just to see? If that is where your suspicions lie, you could disable it in apps as not to lose your stuff and try the other one? I don't use mqtt, so I really don't know what kind of work you're looking at to do this. If it's easier to pause the rules in rm, then start there, definitely.

the problems that ended up killing my network reliability were the mix of xiaomi motions and cree bulbs. It was a mess. I would have never expected the hell it raised with everything. I added 2 new crees recently and so it began.

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Didn't get a chance to say this in the other thread. But kudos to you for sticking with the troubleshooting process and arriving at a solution!


Phew.. :+1::slightly_smiling_face: I haven't had any slowdown reports in the current alpha4 release .. alpha4a will be out beginning of next week and then we're heading for the public beta.

For me I'm not seeing these slow down issues on any of three hubs - one runs for months at at time between updates. I don't use many Z-Wave or ZigBee devices though at all and very few cloud services.

Hmm... I just went through and disabled a bunch of apps. We'll see what that does. I'd forgotten I'd enabled most of them and am not sure I really need them. Things like watchdog and z-wave poller, which are probably causing a lot of activity on the z-wave network. I hope this was an own-goal.

It was suggested to me to utilize those apps to troubleshoot my issue the other day, but I was also skeptical because it's not native and would definitely put a strain on the hub or have effects that were unknown. I just posted that question about usage and how we're beating up our hubs with things that aren't needed. I will be waiting to hear if this situation reiterates my point.

hey april-

MQTT migration sounds like a bit of a chore. I nearly run all of my logic out of home assistant/appdaemon and just control the devices on the hubitat hub via mqtt. The older MQTT implementation I'm using doesn't do auto discovery with home assistant, so I had to create all the devices in text files by hand.

I believe kevin's implementation will auto populate home assistant, which is great, but it's going to mess my whole world up until I get a handle on it. The migration certainly sounds to me like it'll be non-trivial. I was planning on waiting until somewhere in the middle of the beta before I try to move over.

Like I said, I don't use it, so I'd have no idea what was involved. Sounds like more work than I'd want or wish. Maybe some of the other things you tried will help your situation. Like disabling those apps

Rule machine won't cause a hub problem like you're describing. @bravenel has made sure of that.