Hubitat Safety Monitor

I am very good with computers but I am new to Hubitat and Smart
Home automation software so please have patience with my stupid questions until I get the hang of this haha.

Got my new Hubitat hub Friday and then caught a sale on Iris Contact Sensors for $9.99/ea so I have 3 of those, ST Motion Sensor, and a ST Contact sensor.

I paired all contact and motion sensors and then installed the HSM and set it all up.

Problem #1

It doesn't matter if its in ARMED-HOME or ARMED-AWAY but when I arm the system and try to purposely create a intrusion alert HSM says ALERT in when you click on the apps tab but none of the set notifications are working: I have lights set to Flash and then the system to send me a text format is (+17777777777). I don't get a flash or a text message at all.

I went into the log into the HSM and it said "flash" not supported and there is no log about trying to send a text message.

I have my hue bulbs hooked up to my system VIA the Phillips Hue integration App.

List item

Problem #2

My Iris contact sensors seem to be working intermittently they will work opening and closing and sometimes they wont show the door opened they just keep reading closed. I don't think its a connection problem as they are close to the hub. Not sure why they are doing that.

Sorry I'm a newbie once I get the hang of this and understand how these protocols work I will be better its just all new for now!

Thanks in advance for any help,


Welcome to Hubitat! It will take you some time but once you get the hang of it you will love your system. I came from Smartthings and I will never go back.
Problem 1
I don’t have any hue bulbs but I have hue light strips and they do not support the flash feature. Try setting it to just have your light turn on when your HSM is tripped. I bet that will work. If you want them to flash you can do that with Rule Machine. You would just need to build a rule with some custom commands. Let me know and I can share a flash rule for my lights that I am using.

Problem 2
I don’t own any iris contact Sensors but I can say that sometimes Sensors will need to be reset or re-paired to the system. Start by just taking out the battery for 15 seconds. If this doesn’t fix it try pairing to your hub again.

Thank you so much for the response I was able to get HSM to start sending me notifications via text I just had to delete the HSM app and re-installed with just text and no light alerts and it works fine. I think setting the lights to flash was crashing the app or something. Now im just having problems with my Iris Door Sensors showing opened and their closed but I have read a bunch of tips and I will just try each one by one and hopefully get it working!

I'm not getting any text alerts either. I'm confused on what the "Send notification to device(s)" field is supposed to do. The only device in that list is HubLink.

As far as I know i don't have any hublink devices. I have one hue motion sensor and I think the hublink might be part of that, but it doesn't do anything and I don't quite get how it plays out in relation to txt messages.

You need a notification device such as Pushover, or you can send an SMS message.

so if I have a custom message and a phone number filled in, and nothing checked in "Send notification to devices" it should work? Ah ok there they are...

Not all bulbs support flash. Hue do of course, but not with the HE Hue Integration driver, but you can flash Hue lights with the Hue B Smart driver and app that was recently ported to HE. I have not tried this myself but sounds like it's working just fine. There's no instructions in @xap 's repo, so if you take a look at the original SmartThings post, you can understand how it works and how it should be installed (roughly).

Since it sounds like you didn't have SmartThings before HE, so take those instructions and replace the terminology "DTH" with Driver, "IDE" with hub (because drivers and apps are local here of course) and "CoRE" with Rule Machine (because webCoRE or CoRE as it used to be called is not a good idea on Hubitat. Stick with Rule Machine).