Hubitat safety monitor - notifications


It would be great if there was a "send email" alert. Something where we can specify the SMTP server to use. My cell phone (USA) is on the ATT network and I can send an email to ATT and it is converted to a text msg. This would also be a solution for other countries with minimal work at Hubitat. I use it (email to text) for other automation and alarms at work and find it to be very robust. I can also email my gmail account on my phone, etc.

(as a side note how about "test" button for SMS messages - I'm still trying to get my flood sensor to send me a text msg)



There is no such thing as "minimal work". It's on the list of feature requests, but for now, the platform does not support email directly.


Fair enough. I shouldn't have said "minimal work."

A long time ago you can send am email message by typing a few telnet commands to the server. Now things are much more secure. There is the headache of getting TLS or STARTTLS to work and all sorts of fun with servers not always following protocols.

As long as Hubitat is chewing through and prioritizing feature requests and bug reports, all is good.