Hubitat Safety Monitor (HSM) Notification

I am a new HE user just recently migrated from ST. Everything with HSM is working perfectly including arming and disarming with voice from she who should not be named. HSM also arms and disarms when everyone leaves and someone returns correctly. So the Geofence is working perfectly.

My question is, despite not having any notification sent from HSM, our phones are all receiving a disarm message in the following format, "Alarm disarmed from the keypad by not required at 11:00AM on 9/9/20. Lock Manager is also recording "not required" as the user.

If I use my keypad to arm or disarm, I get the appropriate username. So, my real question is where is this message coming from so that I can change the format? Ideally, I would like to know if the arm/disarm is taking place from the keypad, or the Geofence, or Alexa (oh, I said her name).

Any ideas here?

You can look at the log and see where's the message is from. If it's not on the past log then leave the live log on and test your HSM.

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