Hubitat Safety Monitor. Can we put in a delay?

I'm using HSM to monitor my home while we are away. Sometimes when we get home we open the door before mode has changed from away to home.
I'm looking to put in a delay to give a chance for the mode to change.
Maybe a minute or so.
I've looked to see if there is an option to put in a delay and all I can see is the 'For How Long' option which I assume is how long the door has to be open before it reports.
Any thoughts?

How the HSM mode was changed? Using presence?

The delay is for how long after the door is opened it will do the intrusion process. If you have a keypad you will hear it beeping to remind you to deactivate the HSM.

Thanks for the reply.
So is my assumption here correct?
For how long is set to 1 minute.
Mode is away.
Door opens.
1 minute delay starts.
Mode changes to Day.
Delay is cancelled.
Alert is cancelled.

Probably the delay alert in a keypad will not be cancelled, it will end its process of beeping with amount of time you setup for delay, but yes, basically what you describe above should be the process.

No keypad just using HE to flash lights, give an announcement and send me an SMS.
Hopefully the intruders will then run off.

You have to disarm HSM within the allotted time. You can disarm with a keypad, a button, with a Dashboard, or the web UI.

Ah ha. Got ya.

You can't use a door unlock event?

Not at present.

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