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All good points. On these last couple I'd say that it depends on what it is. Some things you want to just do the simple job you set out to accomplish, other cases keep nudging that desire to improve no doubt. But I find as my trust builds (that it all will work flawlessly when no one is around for weeks at a time)...I step back and just enjoy that I don't have to worry.

I guess where I want to "tinker" is less in the software and more in the hardware, e.g. continuing to build on the topology of what's monitored & controlled in a fairly simple manner (refer back to the trust concern). By the way, that's actually my biggest fear... hardware failure (or battery decline) that I don't see coming.

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Perhaps I'm not typical in my approaches to Home Automation.

I never saw the need to move to Node Red for HA. Perhaps it was more sexy, more visual, easier to understand - but it was also another piece of hardware which I didn't want to use (I use a companion RPI anyway, as it turned out, but that's another story).

Just around the same time that many people here made a rush to Node Red, Hubitat came out with Simple Automation Rules, and then subsequently with Basic Rules. (Maybe I've got the chronology wrong).

Strangely enough, I found the SAR and BR could handle approximately 90%-95% of the HA that I was doing. Furthermore, they were straight forward enough that I could easily explain those rules to my family (and clients). They were easy to explain. Whenever I had to use RM, I said "Because of technical limitations, I had to use the hocus pocus technique - Rule Machine!"

Yes, you can do anything in Rule Machine. Yes, it's very flexible and it works. Yes, sometimes it's difficult to explain, and sometimes the UI is difficult to work with. So what? I only use it maybe 5%-10% of the time. Maybe I'm just not complicated enough?


Just ran across this....thought I'd throw this guy's post in here for more perspective.

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@PunchCardPgmr thanks for including a portion of my perspective. I feel like I am a freshman playing JV and just got promoted to be the last substitute on the Varsity team (knowing of course it would take a Black Swan event to actually get me out onto the field). I have some thoughts on this particular thread but I want to think about them some more before I post them ... there are some cringe worthy passages that I'd like to explain why I found cringe worthy and some comments that I think deserve highlighting as I tend to share similar thoughts...
Or not... maybe I'd be belaboring well covered ground. idk

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