Hubitat or Smart Things?


Rich I'm agree with you that Bixby is not good enough but I saw a Youtube video where a guy demonstrate how Bixby is better to control your Samsung device than Google Assistant, and how Google is better than Bixby in a lot of different things except controlling your samsung devices settings for instance.

Summarizing right now is better to have both and use them accordingly :wink:


Recently my st lights have been delayed by like 5-10 seconds. really frustrating...

i'd love to not think about home automation but right now i am tweaking it daily...

I plan on putting all my zigbee devices on HE and keep ST for the more complex / custom stuff that will eventually move over i'm sure.


your just end up doing it straight away once you release it works and you won't look back :smile:



I have a few things running that won't be avail on HE for some time i.e spruce irrigation (I have a webcore rule that turn son the irrigation when a virtual switch is turned on (via sighthound) I can do the Virtual switch in HE but not the spruce control of irrigation.

i think the rest i can bring over... really so there is not much left. it will take some time

waiting for next sale before grabbing one.