Hubitat + openHAB

Hello Hubitat team.

Please let me know whether you have tested the connectivity (API?) between Hubitat and openHAB.

Or is open HAB redundant with all the developer features available straight within Hubitat?

We have a bunch of sensors connected to Hubitat hub and would like to send alerts to a custom built API.

For example, when a sensor is activated, log the alert, send notification to a mobile app, and in one of the cases trigger a command to turn an LED light connected to a serial port turn red.

Thanks you very much for this forum.

Seems as you put it redundant. Why not move your devices to one or the other?

Agree with Glenn but if you must have separate systems (no serial port access on Hubitat) you could accomplish this with some coding, or as an easier path with no coding per se use MQTT.

openHAB has a binding for MiOS (Vera) that was quite useful, as it let my Vera maintain the state of devices and then openHAB slaved off that. It let me set up my controls in an app that worked much better than Vera's app.

This approach was two-way (i.e. you could control Vera devices as well as get sensor data from Vera sensors in openHAB), but there was nothing to push openHAB data into Vera (for example, if you had an openHAB sensor, you couldn't use its data in Vera).

It would be nice to have the same linkage on Hubitat -- the Hubitat cloud dashboard is very slow to load and isn't all that mobile friendly. I'm happy to help in whatever way I can -- I do some coding, but Java (which openHAB uses) isn't my thing.

Check out HubConnect - you might be able to write a remote client for openHAB if you are so inclined....

You may want to look at this post:

openHAB has the counterpart of that functionality in it’s (newest) 2.5 MQTT driver, allowing OH to see/discover devices and bi-directionally sync their state. In OH it also has support for both Homey convention and for HomeAssistant’s format. The former has support for auto-discovery (which is kinda like an automated version of the miosItemGenerator I built for openHAB)

I’m closely watching the above thread, as it has the potential to quickly federate in many more complex devices (eg. HA Controllers, Alarm Psnels, etc,etc) - giving the best of both worlds.

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openHAB have 'mostly' implemented their homie3 protocol for importing devices into OH (but not for exporting OH devices). However it needs OH v2.5 and there has only been one 'milestone 1' build for that released about 3 months ago. I'm looking forward to 'milestone 2' but there is a lot of code refactoring going on at the moment. I think they intend to move to a homie4 protocol too which I haven't explored yet. I'm hoping it's much better thought through as homie3 has a lot of shortcomings.
OH supports Homey via the MQTT Hub which has bidirectional support using homie3.

In HE I have partially implemented homie3 for inbuilt device export. As I don't use OH I am not sure if what I have implemented so far is sufficient for OH to be happy so I'll be interested in feedback. I will try and add any additional support if needed to ensure that it works .

Likewise with Homey but I have one here, so I will get that working smoothly too.


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PM sent. It sounds like the functionality will be exactly what I'm after.