Hubitat not syncing with Hue bridge, unable to update Philips Hue bulb last state


I had this issue while back and now it's back
My hubitat doesn't update any changes in my hub bulbs when using the hue app or hue dimmer
I don't know if it's a glitch from a software update or what
changing the hue lights using the app doesn't get translated into HE, I tried all kind of polling interval, tried hitting refresh, even deleted hue integrated app (on HE) but still nothing
Last time someone suggested setting static ip to the hue bridge and I thought that did it to me however this time it's not working, tried setting another static ip but still nothing
Anyone having similar issues?


If you change the bulbs outside of Hubitat (like the hue app), it can be slow for Hubitat to realize the change. Most people, me included, would suggest avoiding changing the bulbs outside of Hubitat. But obviously everyone has their own use case and this might be unavoidable.

There is a setting in the Hue integration of Hubitat that has the polling interval. It isn't recommended to set it to update too often, but that is the setting for how often Hubitat will request an update from Hue.

Additionally, I have had success creating rules that refresh/repoll the hue bridge device in Hubitat. Refreshing a bulb will not work, but refreshing the hue bridge device itself should update all bulbs and groups to match the Hue bridge.

I personally control everything through Hubitat, but since I use groups sometimes the group status versus the bulbs within it don't match Hue. So I have rules setup to poll the hub in the cases where they can become out of sync.

It sounds like you might have tried most of what I suggest. But that's all I got :slight_smile: Right now, things appear to be working for me.


I don't know what to tell you
your answer made me think of something else I never tried. I usually have the hue bulb groups as Hubitat devices, I don't have individual bulbs as they are so many 55+
I thought of adding a single hue bulb and see its behavior compared to when it's part of a group
guess what, now hubitat is syncing with bridge in both single bulb and group of bulbs, I thought maybe by removing the individual bulb the sync will be lost again and that could be a bug in hubitat but so it didn't, it's working
So my solution is to add an individual hue bulb to hubitat to trigger syncing again

Thanks @AndyM


I appreciate the thanks, but not sure I did anything. Have no idea why that would work, but I'll definitely try it if I have issues in the future.