Hubitat not showing up in Google Home

When I following the instructions in the announcement I cannot find "Hubitat" in the Google Home app. I go to the home page, click the "Add" button, click the "Set up device", click the "Made for Google" under "New Devices". At that point all I get is "Home" and "Add another home". There is nothing for "Hubitat". My phone is on the same subnet as my Hubitat and I can access the Hubitat from my phone. What am I doing wrong?

Has nothing to do with local network, since Google is 100% cloud. You can also add the Hubitat integration through the Google Assistant app. It's possible through both apps, but a bit more buried in the Google Home App on iOS. Use the same logon credentials that you used to sign up for Hubitat, otherwise it won't be able to add your hub.

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Thank you. I was able to add it using Google Assistant. The instructions in the announcement says to use the Google Home app which is where I got stuck.