Hubitat not processing switch commands

Hi all. I recently added a Hubitat C7 to my Smart Home setup as I wanted a standalone Z-Wave + Zigbee hub that could be managed by my existing Home Assistant installation using the Hubitat integration. Everything was fairly easy to set up however I'm having some issues with a Z-Wave plug (Aeotec Smart Switch 6) that I have as part of an HA automation.
Basically I have set up Home Assistant automation to turn on and off the switch, which is connected to a lamp, for two separate times morning and night. However this automation, which runs without errors in HA, does not seem to be turning on/off the lamp each time, and only works occasionally. For example, this morning the lamp failed to auto turn on at 6am but auto turned off at 9am after I had manually turned it on. Yesterday however the lamp auto turned on but did not auto off. So it is not consistant enough to lead me to believe it is the HA automation's problem.
I did some log digging, and it seems HA does pass all messages to Hubitat, and Hubitat device logs show the 'command-on' being received from HA. However about half the time nothing happens.
If I turn on the switch in other ways, via manually triggering it in HA, Hubitat or via Alexa, it turns on/off as expected.

I tried to upload a screenshot of an extract of the device logs but as I'm new it seems I can't. However in the event logs a command-on is received by Hubitat from HA at 5:59:59am which is from the HA automation triggered at 6am, after which nothing happens. No 'Switch on' event shows up in the log after the command-on.
A short time later a second command-on event at 6:17am is listed after I triggered it manually in HA, and resulted in a "switch on" event immediately afterwards as expected.

Later this morning, the switch successfully turned off via the HA automation as expected. Hubitat received a command-off and proceeded to a 'switch off' event.

What could be going on that Hubitat is not processing the command-on to a switch-on when both times the command-on was received?

In case it helps, the switch is located in the next room from Hubitat, about 5m away, separated by a masonry wall.

Thanks in advance.

[Edit: Added screenshot]

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I wonder what firmware version you are using? I had some switching problems with 130 which seem to have been resolved with the latest, 132.

Thanks for replying. My firmware is at the moment which I think is the latest.
I also installed the Mesh app to get more detail and the below screens are what I see. I only have two devices on the mesh at the moment and no 'ghosts' that I am aware of.
Does this shed any light? I see several errors being reported but can't see details of them.

I'm just a low level user, but...
I wonder if the LWR RSSI value of 'unknown' could be a factor. It's connected Direct to the hub, which is usually good, but in your setup is there even another z-wave device in range to relay? I wonder if temporarily plugging in the switch w/lamp in the same room as the hub would help rule out signal?

Can you post your z-wave details page in it's entirety? (The native one not the one from the mesh tool)

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You have no mesh to speak of. And if the signal level seen by the switch is the same as seen by the sensor, then it is lower than background noise (as indicated by the negative number).

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I second this. You have one line powered device, and one battery operated sensor device. That combination is likely not going to work consistently or reliably through a masonry wall at 5M from the hub. In addition, if your walls are masonry, they also probably have metal electrical boxes which almost completely attenuate the signal.

You need more line powered devices to form an actual mesh network. Typically it takes 10 or so line powered (repeating) devices to form a basic mesh.

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