Hubitat Not able to complete new device add

One of my lights stopped responding to the Hubitat. I deleted it, and readded it but it never gets beyond the initializing stage. I see it adds it in the log, but as unknown. I do not see it in the list of devices, and reboots do not do anything to change that.

sys:12020-06-13 05:39:26.326 pm infoIris Discovery Stopped

sys:12020-06-13 05:38:33.898 pm infoInitializing Zigbee Device B0CE18140334A677, 8CA0

sys:12020-06-13 05:38:32.790 pm infoCreated Unknown Zigbee Device

sys:12020-06-13 05:38:26.313 pm infoIris Discovery Running

Your logs suggest that you are using "Iris v1 Zigbee" discovery instead of regular "Zigbee Discovery." (If this was intentional, then nevermind, but I'm not aware of Iris's v1 vendor having made any Iris v1-proprietary bulbs, so I suspect this was not what you wanted.) That will likely solve this particular issue.

However, what kind of smart bulbs are these? Directly-paired Zigbee bulbs do not behave well for many people, as summarized in the "Tips" section of Hubitat's Zigbee docs but also documented in numerous forum posts. So, it may be worth avoiding this somehow unless you have Sengled bulbs (which don't repeat, avoiding these problems) or are willing to take risks with some bulbs, generally newer, that seem to work better than others (according to community reports, though I'm not sure staff or other knowledgeable Zigbee users have verified).


Thank you... I will try with strait Zigbee and see if that solves the issue.

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