Hubitat Mobile app will not open. Says"Hubitat has stopped"

When opening the Hubitat Mobile app, an error message says "Hubitat has Stopped" before it opens. Any ideas?

I had the same problem this morning. I uninstalled the beta version and installed the stable version. After that the app would open but wouldn't take my login credentials. I had to try over and over but it finally took my password. There is obviously some sort of login issue happening.

If you go into your storage on the app and clear all data, and log in it seams to work 1st time for me

Is this android or iOS?

For me android

I was actually asking what OP is using. It sounds more like android rather than iOS. But when asking for help troubleshooting the mobile app, it helps to specify up front which OS. Otherwise the rest of us are left wondering which one :thinking:.