Hubitat Mobile App Released


Just trying things out in HE, just got the hub last week.
Everything migrated from ST, including all WebCore scripts (about 25).

One thing i cannot figure out is how the app works from the cloud.
At home it all works fine, i can choose local or cloud. But now at the office i tried to connect and i get a blank screen. I checked moblie network access on the iPhone, which is turned on.

I logged in via laptop (vpn) and send a message to the phone. This arrives just fine (yay!)

Am i missing something?


What software release are you on? There was a critical update in regard to cloud connections in the latest hubitat release. Do the following:

  • Reboot the hub
  • After reboot, go to settings -> check for updates

And make sure you have the latest and greatest


i'm on
Checked for updates, but said this was the lastest.

(Cloud web is working btw, just not the app)


Are you on any kind of office Wifi that might block it? Just asking to make sure.

I would probably remove the app once from my phone and reinstall it


No, 4G

Reinstalled the app 3 times yesterday because i had issues with notifications (didn't get a token). Since these are now working again i'm a bit hasitant to reinstall again.

Gave it a try and reinstalled again. All working now!



Can't tell you why it worked this time and not the other 3 times but happy to hear that it is working for you now!


The token issue was stopping notifications, which was the reason to reinstall the app. But i didn't check if the app worked from cloud yesterday.

Still weird..


And it's happening again.
Went home on wifi, all working perfectly.
Then turned off wifi and used 4G: blank screen.
Tuning on wifi: still blank screen.

Soft resetting the iPhone didn't help.

Now the app doesn't work at all.
Guess i need to re-install the app again, every time i turn off wifi...

Rebooting the hub did work, on wifi it works again.

Lets try 4G...

Seems to work, both wifi and 4G.

Still a concerning thing.


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Pixel 2XL running Pie
Pixel 2 running Android Q Beta 5

Both phones have location enabled and battery optimization turned off
EDIT: Only the P2 is running the Beta version of the Mobile app. The P2XL is not at this point.

Happy to report that for the last 2 days, all coming/going events have been properly recognized, timed exactly with L360, no need to open the app or perform any shenanigans... :slight_smile:

FWIW, push has never been an issue, rock solid from day one.

TY @bravenel, @bobbyD @patrick and the rest of the HE team


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