Hubitat Mobile App Released


@lcw731 My wife and I have the same phone as well. After it comes into HE you can simply rename it in the device page for the Device Label but not in the app itself. Each phone has it's own unique Network ID number so there should not be any conflict.


Yep. I was just coming back to say I figured it out. The Conflict I was concerned with was human, not tech. Hahaha. Thanks to those that replied!


Anyone knows if there is a way to see the push notifications that have been sent ? Something like notifications history.. By error I cleaned them up from the phone notifications panel and now I am not sure where to recover them


The App logged out sometime today when I was in class. My phone was in DND if that matters or aligns with others. Didn't recognize me coming home until I logged back in and it immediately picked up my presence

P2, Pie, fully patched



I updated to the new version of the iPhone app this week, and want to report that so far the geofencing seems to be working well. It was 100% broken for me previously, so this great.


I had the wife's phone working finally yesterday and was reporting her leaving/arriving from/to the geofence. This AM it showed her present when she was well beyond the fence. I had her check on the phone to see if she is still logged in and she was but by opening the app it caused HE to finally recognize her as 'not present'. She also said a message appeared on the screen but wasn't able to catch what it said. Was there an update?

EDIT: Both phones updated to 1.27. Will see if it works.


iOS Geofence seems to be working now on my iPhone also, after I again dragged my new hub to its correct location. It kind of worked before but had all sorts of presence messages.


app has been working great for both iphones here. reporting in and out of the fence and not signing out randomly.


Well the wife's phone did not work when she came home today. She had to open the app at work to get her to be recognized by HE as Not Present this AM. When she hit the geozone at home tonight it failed to change to Present. We tried to open and close the app, as well as send a geo event, but it did not work this time. Device page stuck on Not Present.
How do we get this to work correctly? thanks


Every time installing the app in a new phone and if I want to get notification in that phone I have to go to every single rule and add the new phone to receive the push notifications ??
for bulbs or switches but can create groups but can we for phones? (I do not see the option)


I am experiencing the need to open the HE App each time to trigger a "present" status without waiting upwards of 1 to 3 minutes to trigger the events, including, unlocking the door and disarming the HSM. The "not present" status updates when leaving the home almost seconds after leaving the geofence area.

I have the latest version on the hub, the app on my Galaxy S9+ on a Verizon network; phone and is current on all updates as well.

Other presence events such as Geofence presence for my Arlo system are working as expected.

I have logged out of the app, cleared the cache but no change has been recognized.

Point of information, as soon as I open the app the events process as expected, but I have to stop, access the phone and load the app.

All battery saving options are disabled and all GPS options are optimized.

What am I missing to correct the need to open the app each time?


I've seen several reports of similar issues. I have a Galaxy S7 on Verizon and have never been able to get the Hubitat app to function reliably.

I think this was mentioned earlier in this thread, so you may have already tried it, but one thing that seemed to help on my S7 was to go to Settings, Device Maintenance, Battery, and add Hubitat to the list of Unmonitored Apps. I also went to Settings, Apps, Hubitat, Battery, Optimize Battery Usage and turned off Optimization for Hubitat.

After changing those settings, both notifications and Geofence seemed to work fine for a while, but then for no apparent reason both stopped working again.



similar for me, it works some time and then suddenly it will not. I got tired of this and I decided to use and smartthings presence sensor and it is working great for long time. As soon as I arrive home it will immediately detect that I have arrive and trigger all stuff such as turning the garage lights on even before I leave my car. Suggest you consider it as is not expensive and you just leave it somewhere in your car and forget about it. And this is even better than the mobile because if you want to get your door open then it will only happen once you are some meters away from home and if you used your phone it will be no that accurate, sometimes your door will open when you are not even near your door (possible blocks away) or sometimes you will have to wait in front your door until your phone is detected inside the fence to open the door. The smartthings presence uses direct connection to the hub so there is no risk that your door will be open when you are far from it (security purposes)


Thank you for the response!


I will definitely look into that, thank you!


How far from the HE hub is the ST sensor before it activates?
(I found that it wasn't sturdy enough to exist on my key ring - your idea to put it in the car, is a good one. Any interference from the car body?)
Also, when I used it the first time, I found that the battery ran out quickly (less than 3 months). How long have you used it for?


it will depend how far your hub from the sensor would be and the walls between. In my case my hub is located near my main entrance and only 2 walls in between. At the begining I thought there would be interference from the car body but no actually I have not found it, probably it would be a matter of only placing it in the correct place(in my case it is in the glasses space) With this configuration, when I arrive home it would be about 10 - 13 meters and it will activate.
And about the battery yes, for me it will be around 3 - 4 months only but those are inexpensive so I am not really complaining about it. Hopefully soon ST releases a sensor where we can place a larger battery as they have done with the latest versions of motion sensors.


Couple of observations on the updated app. I have IOS 6S, latest upgrade. The GeoFence will still move on its on (get larger) The UI will not usually not update on it's own, without a refresh. EDIT: It only seems to increment slightly larger.


Can we get a bigger geofence on both IOS and Android. like 5 miles


I have an iPhone XS running iOS 12.3.1. So far the app seems to be correct with regards to presence. Since the latest update I've made the geofence as small as it can go. But it doesn't seem to see that I've left the geofence until I'm twice as far away -- about where I was with the older version of the app. I'd really like to see the smaller geofence work.

The good news is that the only time I was randomly logged out, I was logged back in as soon as I opened the app, and it didn't duplicate my phone.