Hubitat Mobile App Released


On Android, I would like to be able to change the default notification tone.


Go into your Android settings, notifications, apps, select the Hubitat app, then select notification. You can change the sound there.


Just installed Mobile app and went to Hubitat Portal - clicked on my hub and it's been sitting on "Initializing Hub: 65%" for a while now. Any suggestion to get it moving along?


Thanks. I missed that. Android settings can be hard to find at times!


Using the app for notifications has been great. Presence doesn't work for me at all. According to the app I haven't left the house since 6/2. That's despite the fact I was 600 miles from home on 6/3, and at work on 6/4 and 6/5. My theory is its because I have spotty cell service by my house. So I think if I leave the geofence and there is no cell service, tough luck, nothing reported. In contrast life360 works flawlessly. Why? Well I may not have service when I depart but I do 2 mins later and life360 seems to report it then. Hubitat, however, only seems to send an update if it is online when I enter/exit the geofence.


This is how it works, the app uses the geolocation on the device and only sends an update to the hub when you arrive/depart from the circle. The idea behind this is it's much more secure then typical location tracking like life360. In fact there is no actual tracking.

I suspect the issue has to do with Android sleeping the app and/or power saving with GPS on the device. Or in your case poor service.


Yes, but surely when the signal returns it would re-evaluate the location with respect to the fence and still pick up you've either entered or departed. It shouldnt necessarily need signal at the precise moment you cross the fence right? Maybe that is one of the issues after all....


It is and isn't as I understand it this is as design currently and its the same for notifications but this is all due to the complexity of being local and not tracking us. I believe @patrick has said that they are planning on adding a que system to it that then will send the event when it can get though and I'm guessing the hub or app says "yeah I got that"


Really weird one, but I added the app to my wifes iphone 7 + on the newest software and hasnt had an issue. I have it on my iphone xs and everyday it seemed to switch off the geofence on my device only.
So my thought was whats the difference, both in the same "environment" - but her phone never stops working. But as im testing the HE - i keep opening the app constantly.
So I logged out the app, logged back it, and haven't opened the app since and the geofence hasnt turned off once for me.
Could there be a switch or toggle that is defaulting the app to switch off the fence when the app is being opened ?


My thought as well. Queue it up and send it when the connection returns. For now I'll have to stick to Life360


So wanted to update you all on a few things in development.

We are in the bug reported fixing stage...

Android has far more issues due to the massive fragmentation, so we are revamping a few things, fixing some others, and have our beta testers helping to see if we are fixing the issues we are seeing... The beta is technically "open" so if you opt in on the play store, you can join in this testing. Be warned, beta means broken...

iOS is also moving along, the biggest issues are fixed, geofence size not being small enough and the mysteriously turning off geofence setting... Other iOS issues remain but the hardest part with Apple is we have to wait for their blessing to even do a public beta test for those fixes. Everything goes through Apple... We can't just roll out fixes at the pace we can with Android.

Anyway, we hear you, we have a lot of these issues identified and fixed and are working to get the updates out as fast as we can, without of course, breaking other things...

Of course, a few weeks ago, the app didn't exist and there were plenty of alternatives. Those still exist today... The app is not a required element of the automation platform, for daily use or administration. However, it remains one of our highest priorities to fix the issues we know about.


Thanks for the status update. Glad to hear the bugs are getting squashed! The Hubitat app has been working well on our two iPhone 7’s.


thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Keep up the great work......doing a fine job!


@patrick and others

I would like to offer a suggestion/feature request for the mobile app. I know you guys have said you were not planning on adding administration of the hub (adding, editing rules, etc) to be part of the mobile app; however, I think for user friendliness and user adoption this may be desired. From a technicality standpoint, I think this would be fairly simple to implement (without knowing any of the code behind the app, so simple may not be simple).

Detect if the device is on the same network as the hub and if so, offer a "Manage" option at the bottom by "Dashboard, Geofence, Settings" options. When not connected to the network the hub is on (by VPN, Wifi, other) then only display "Dashboard, Geofence, Settings". Make "Manage" (when visible) a link to the hub management page (if 1 hub is on the account) or a hub selection page (if more than 1 hub is on the account). This would likely just be an in-app wrapper for the hub management pages. This would prevent users from having to back out of the app, launch a browser, navigate to their hub IP, etc.. Just do it all in one app if you want, that is if you are logged in as a hub admin (don't want this for a hub guest).


You can always add a link to the hub in a dashboard tile. Only works when local but you are "in the app".

Appreciate the suggestion it is something we are considering since we have the hub login security which can keep normal users out.


Ahh. Good idea! Thanks


Just don't then pull up dashboards, go into the hub, pull up the dashboards in that hub view and then, well. you get it... Hubitat inception....


Sorry, had to try it. Lol

But seemed to work well if I didn't do what you said for Hubitat inception. Clicking "Dashboard" at the bottom of the app clears it all up. (LastPass on my Android didn't detect the Username/Password fields in the login form when pulled up inside the app).


I don't know if lastpass has access to the webview, TBH. I wouldn't want 3rd party apps to inject code into another app's webview.