Hubitat Mobile App Devices Tab

Could anyone help me out here? In the Hubitat mobile app, on the Devices Tab I have only rooms listed with no devices assigned to them even if I click the arrow to expand the menu.
The only place where I can see the connected devices is the Tools tab, then Connect to hub option, then Devices.
Is this a normal functionality of the app or a bug? I can see all the devices normally under the Devices tab on the web interface.
Thank you.

In order to see the devices in the Mobile App under “Devices”, you need to assign each one of them to a room under the devices’ tab in the Hubitat web interface.

Have you done this already? If not, go ahead and give it a try to see if it works.

Note that only light/switches will display in the Mobile App at this time.


The Rooms feature is still in its embryotic/formative state and will evolve over time, but for the moment is very limited in its use/functionality.


Thank you for the quick response.
No, I don’t have any lights or switches connected yet. Just leak sensors for now and they are assigned to their respective rooms.
Ok. Then I guess they are not supposed to be visible under the devices tab yet.

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Right only lights and switches. Anything else doesn't show up there. But in the web interface it's still useful because you can look at a device and see what room it's in. Works very well when you have a metric shite ton of devices.