Hubitat local web page can only print the top part

I was attempting to print the current configuration of a device, since I expected I might end up replacing it, or at least removing and recreating the device in my configuration, and I wanted to be sure I knew how I had configured it before.

I discovered that only the first page, the part that actually showed on the screen, was going to print (about 1/4 of the total configuration).

Then I tried to take a screen shot in Firefox (which has this wonderful screenshot option where you can get the entire page, not just the part that currently shows)...and that also captured only the part that shows.

So, something being done in the web pages is interfering with normal interface operations very nastily, and in a way that prevents necessary things from working. Please fix!

I don't use Firefox, so I don't know if it has the same option. Safari has an option under File called Share. Selecting that lets you email the page to yourself. It isn't pretty looking, as every dropdown selectors will show all options.

I use Chrome and the extension GoFullPage has no problem making a screenshot of all the information on a device page. (I just tested it)

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