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Hubitat Live returns from hiatus Tuesday, February 11, at 9:00 PM EST!

We're excited to have new President and CEO Greg Toth join us on this episode.

We want Hubitat Live to be valuable to you, our users, so please make suggestions for featured topics that would be of interest to you for future shows.

If we use your suggestion, you will be mentioned on our show. The Best Topic Suggestion, as determined by our elite panel, will not only be featured on an upcoming episode, will also send you a cool 3 Zone Color Touch panel and Dimmer, courtesy of Sean Gnant from RGB Genie.

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I might suggest the oft-overlooked Notifications app, something you can find many people in the forums struggling to create rules to replicate. Bonus points if you feel comfortable demoing the changes in 2.1.9 that will make some of these rules possible to do in Notifications in the future. :slight_smile:


I think there is much interest in what is being done to investigate and address the stability issue.

Is there a new hub on the horizon? [or not]

I have noticed what appears to be a new wave of folks transitioning from other hubs, especially SmartThings. Perhaps a bit on "Planning your transition" and "Tools to assist you with transition or coexistence" (the hub-to-hub tools).

A good introduction, for the new folks, as to where to find information such as the official docs (and what's covered there), the videos, and the sample code section come to mind.


I think the concept of ‘custom code’ should be explained.

Some new users are confused, thinking that the HAVE to use custom code.
Others want to use custom code but don’t know how, or how to install.
Others don’t know what it is!

I know that some users expect support to sort problems with custom code that they have installed.
I know that some early posts in the community explained things but I think that Hubitat should clearly state the support position for custom code, and that custom code can ONLY be supported by the author.



I won't be watching live given the time difference (and the fact I'm at work!!), but I'll be interested to hear if there are any plans for Dashboards. The current offering is incredibly flexible and satisfies most requirements, but to take Dashboards to the next level a number of users have had to become creative. Are there any plans to expand the Dashboards App to natively support some of the features people have developed using custom code?

To provide some context, I am thinking of some of the "SuperTile" or "TileMaster" style apps, where multiple devices or multiple device attributes are displayed on a single tile. I'm also thining of the work people have done with CSS to remove things like tile / device labels, simple improvements that could be native rather than custom.



Perhaps a few examples of how to customize the dashboards without having to read up on css.


How about a segment on troubleshooting zwave/zigbee issues using the hubitat tools/logs. I see a number of problems that end up being a bad device and finding something like that is a skill.


Possibly a brief understanding of virtual switches. How they are utilized especially with virtual thermostats etc.


Although I have become OK at building a rule, it was difficult at the beginning and I know new users often have a tough time thinking in RULE (an ancient language :wink: ). I would like to see how an expert thinks in RULE to go from I want to have a rule to do some more complex manipulation of their lights. Not so much the mechanics of select this and that but how you go through the thought process of building the logic.


How about a separate 'Developers Live ' session..
As new features for the code and capabilities are added.. it's difficult to keep up sometimes :slight_smile:


Create a mini-series to help new developers get started.

For example....

Level 1 - Getting started with Groovy. A beginners guide to creating a simple app and device driver.

Level 2 - Advancing your skills with Groovy. A guide to packet sniffing a wifi device and building a simple UDP device driver.



using Hubitat as a self monitored alarm system

1.- Show an easy way to find what could be causing hub slownless
2.- Develop new hub to next level (more memory, more powerful) most of us have have to restart our hub often to refresh memory.
3.- Dashboard improvement. Is a pain to re-arrange tiles (still can´t pick, drag and drop)
4.- Understanding about advanced features such as those in groups or similars in RM:


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Address Hub slowdowns


Yes! I would love to hear what is being done to investigate and address the stability issue. I would also like to hear an update on the widespread Schlage lock issue.


I have came across a nice tool called It’s like home inventory management. I see that the competition has a some integration might be worth looking into for hubitat.

I would like to see a basic "state of the union". I see things on Reddit, and mostly by Home Assistant users, that Hubitat's revenue model isn't sustainable. The basic gist is your only profit comes from sub-$100 hardware. I don't expect a P&L statement, sales numbers, or future plans, but maybe something about how this model is sustainable and why? Maybe a little about the company as a whole.

It would be cool to know who does what tasks behind the scenes. There has been an influx of new users, it might be nice to give your basic job descriptions for Hubitat so we know who to tag on this board. I also see complaints here about Bobby D being the only support. Other than Bruce, Mike, and Bobby, are there other staff behind the scenes?

Also Mike made a statement about "testing a device in the lab". Is this something we can see? I like seeing labs and testing equipment setups.

I won't watch live as I am at work, but looking forward to another chat. Maybe consider doing a chat on the weekend or Friday night or something to possibly reach a broader audience.


Thank you everyone for a good discussion, as always.

I have created the following thread as a catchall for comments, feature requests and general updates.

We would like to keep this post reserved to Topic ideas for our future Hubitat Live episodes. If you'd like to post feature requests or have general discussions, please use the following thread:

It would be nice to see a roadmap for 2020:

  1. What's in store for Hubitat in 2020?
  2. How are you addressing slowdowns?
  3. OTA Updates for devices?

Great suggestions so far!

I'd love to see more examples of advanced dashboard techniques. Adding devices, apps, and rules is fairly straightforward but getting a slick easy to use dashboard built seems more difficult than it should be.