Hubitat Life360 Application unreliable -- Not reporting presence changes

I use the built-in Life360 application. I have it installed on a 2nd hub, that I use just for integrations (No Z-Wave nor Zigbee devices).

Several times a week -- sometimes daily -- I will take my dog on a walk, only to come home any my door is still unlocked. Othertimes, I come home, and my alarm goes off. When I check the presence device for me, it has the wrong status. I launch Life360, and it may or may not have the correct location, so I know there are issues with the app unloading. However, if the application is up and running, when I arrive, or leave, it still does not update my presence consistently. What does though, is if I go into the Life360 Connector Hubitat app, and click done. After doing so, it syncs up the presence devices with the Life360 service.

Debug logging is enabled, and I do not see any exceptions there. I also do not see any indication in the logs of any problems.

Is there by any chance an issue with the current web hook logic?

In my logs, after I leave the circle, it reports web hook event ending. Not sure if that is normal. But after that the app wen silent. The next entry at 4:20pm was me launching the Life360 Connect app, and clicking on Done.

I have an RM rule to force refresh it every 5 minutes. With that, it works 100% for me.


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Life360 user here too... Works fine most of time, but hiccups once in a while. I don't have any important security stuff based on Life360, so I usually don't pay much attention to it one way or another.

But I do have a rule set to do a Life360 Refresh every time the garage door is opened - that way, it catches us when we come home, and at least wakes up Life360 when we leave (in hopes that it's still listening when we exit the Home bubble moments later).

Oh, I used to refresh it on garage door open and front door unlock, too. Forgot about that last time I redid it....

I'll add that back. :slight_smile:

Realistically if I did that, I probably wouldn't need to refresh every 5 min at all. But I do anyway.

Ha, I thought about doing something like that when I set up my garage rule, but was afraid it may be overkill for the hub. But I guess that's silly - it's certainly not a complex action.

Alrighty, imma do it too - thanks!

This is something I would rather avoid. The timing would have to be much more aggressive, as open my door usually within 1-2 minutes of entering my home circle in Life360. And it shouldn't have to be necessary.

My garage holds my toys (motorcycle, JetSkit, kayak, etc) so no room to park there. I guess I can try to create a refresh rule when my outdoor motion sensor detect motion -- it might get a bit spammy but that might be a work-around.

So, maybe it affects more users than just me, and I just notice it more because of how I rely on it. maybe we can ask the developers for some improvements. Still not convinced it's an actual issue with the Life360 Connect app -- worried it may be more involved, like a problem with the way Life360 is integrated that is breaking down. Their services have been getting less reliable lately and I can't help but wonder if it is related to that.

I don't find the timing of the refresh important. I think just the act of periodically refreshing it keeps the connection alive/updating as expected. I bet I could do it every 30m and it would still work.

Agree, you shouldn't have to. But it works 100% when I do, so....

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@support, can someone look into this? It appears to affect multiple users.

It has been this way for over 2 years (for me at least)... It isn't anything new (for me). I also see something similar happen if I integrate Life360 in node-red, too.

I certainly wouldn't complain if it was 100% reliable without a refresh though!

I am not saying this is new. But if it has been like this for so long, it suggests either the integration either should have a refresh config as part of the application, or a detection process should be able to re-connect. Just because the behavior is old, it doesn't mean it is normal or expected. It could mean no one has reported it, and just accepted it as-is. And if the developers feel this is normal, then a simple documentation somewhere that is easy to find would be the fix.

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No argument, but that isn't exactly Hubitat's strong suit. :slight_smile:

This is a weird integration since there technically isn't an official Life360 API. I assume (could be wrong!) that they just reverse engineered it/are going in via http like other Life360 integrations.

I have found using a combination of things works best. I use the HE app presence, WIFI presence and the Alexa app. There is a combined presence app that will let you set different things up but I did it on my own in RM. For me the Alexa app is the most reliable, but it will occasionally miss, but when it does the HE app will usually work. Wifi presence isn't much good for when you leave but it never misses for when you get home.

So try adding a backup for your life360 for those occasional hiccups, although it sounds like the refresh will probably be a big help.

I am not seeing how to refresh Life360. For those refreshing it, how are you doing that?

"Life 360 Refresh" should've been automatically added as a device in your Devices list whenever you integrated Life360.

For rules etc, it's considered a Button device - more specifically, a push-action button #1. See the first response to your OP - JasonJoel gives a good example of the corresponding Action to use in rules = push button 1 on Life360 Refresh.

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A picture of my RM rule is a few posts above (post #2).

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I never noticed that. Thanks!