Hubitat is Awesome!

I feel like, naturally, there are a lot of posts on the forums about things that need improvement with Hubitat. That's understandable as it's a place people come largely to find help or report issues. Upon reflection this morning I realized I've probably posted far more critical posts than positive ones and that isn't reflective of my feelings and experience with hubitat.

I don't think there are enough posts about the general awesomeness that is Hubitat. So I wanted to add a post to the positive side becuase there should be more!

It's pretty amazing what this little $79 box has done for me:

  • successfully replaced my Wink Hub 2 with far far more functionality
  • has allowed me to build a very robust DIY home alarm that I can monitor and arm remotely without subscription costs (many older standard monitored alarms don't even allow for this)
  • has completely automated the lighting in my home with time and motion based events
  • allows me to remotely monitor and lock all my doors
  • monitors my dumb smoke detectors and performs a bunch of automations for safety in the event they are active (turn on all lights, text neighbors, unlock the doors if we are home)
  • monitors all the leak detectors in my house and will turn off the main water valve if a leak is detected
  • integrates with all my Hue bulbs and Lutron switches
  • allows for the creation of lighting scenes
  • similarily has allowed me to do some pretty awesome things with the awesome little Lutron Pico remotes
  • monitors my garage door to ensure it's not left open or opened unintentially
  • has allowed me to very cheaply build a wall mounted tablet that monitors and controls almost every light in the house, the tv, fireplaces, lighting scenes, temperatures throughout the house
  • gets the house ready for us to go to bed with on push of a button
  • shuts the house down when we leave and fires it back up when we come home
  • provides us useful real time info verbally through our google homes around the house

Honestly, both me, and even my wife, would feel like stepped back in time if we had to go back to before a lot of this was in place.

So to Hubitat and the community and specifically the owners who are so active on the forums like @bravenel, @mike.maxwell, @bobbyD, I say thank you and hope that critical posts are taken with a grain of salt as the critical posts wouldn't be made if people didn't care and truly find value and utility in their Hubitat hub. We all want to see the platform do even more and ensure that this little mighty box keeps on providing the value and utility it does currently, for a long time to come.


Don't forget @chuck.schwer and @GregT! :slight_smile:

People naturally don't say anything when things are working well --- that's just how it is. I'm sure grateful for all the support that has been shown.


Add me to the happy camper list. I have always had excellent, quick help from Bobby in support. I think the support from the whole Hubitat team is superb. I have had many HA controllers over the years but this it's the most satitsfying. There are some problems, but nothing I can't deal with. When your product is required to integrate with an ever expanding array of peripherals development can be daunting. And your product may be blamed for the shortcomings of other devices.

I agree.....Hubitat is AWESOME!


I Second that.


I agree! I have a lot to learn about how rules should be constructed but the community is a great resource too.

Count me in the "Happy Camper Group"


Well said. I came from Wink over a year ago and I've had very few issues. Looking forward to years of continued awesomeness!


Have you been sniffing my RV’s WiFi SSID??? It’s called Happy Campers. (Yes it’s cheesy)

And you can count me in the Happy Hubitat Campers Group too.

I currently have 7 hubs. A server hub, the three worker hubs, 2 for HubConnect development, and of course one in my RV.

I experienced my challenges and frustrations, especially early on. But things have improved greatly and for the most part, the bugs which I have reported have been fixed.

Once the hub slowdown issue is fixed I will not have a single complaint about the platform.


Me too!

I'm also a Happy Camper! Habitat "just works" for me.



Best system I've had in over 15+ years of automating!

Two hubs here,

  • Hub 1 containers my 275+ devices and has both radios active.
  • Hub 2 containers 45+ apps and has both radios deactivated.

Everything talking to each other using Hubconnect.


While I wont include myself in the Happy Camper column (Hopeful Camper for me), I will say that the level of engagement the Hubitat team has shown, is like nothing I have ever seen. These guys seem to live and breathe HE. I'm sure @GregT already knows the great esteem that this community holds for @bravenel, @chuck.schwer, @mike.maxwell and @bobbyD. Despite the stability issues, Hubitat is the best consumer friendly HA product out there and has, hands down, the best team I have been privileged to annoy on a regular basis.

Thanks for the blood and sweat guys.


Thank you all for the kind words. We wouldn't be as energetic if it wasn't for the enthusiasm that customers have unremittingly shown since Hubitat Elevation was launched. And while we are more visible than others, we wouldn't be where we are today, without the tremendous effort that others have put forth behind the scenes.


I'm another extremely happy customer. This has been one of the fastest improving home automation products I've ever used. Can't wait to see what's in store in the future. It's kind of exciting like back in the days before Samsung bought SmartThings.


I just recently switched from SmartThings to HE. Definitely a change for the better. Now I just need to get more smart devices.


@jrh1194 That’s where I came from too.. Welcome to the community

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It's a slippery slope!

First, get one of these: