Hubitat Incorrect time in Brazil

In the last few week, Brazilian users have been experiencing recurring problems with the time here in Brazil. T he system is automatically adding 1 hour more than the correct time.
When we click on update time based on the browser the time is corrected, but a few hours later the system goes back to the wrong time.
I believe that this may be happening because we no longer have summer time here in Brazil.


What time zone are you using? Is there an alternative setting you can try? Maybe the Etc/GMT-3, (or whichever is appropriate) instead of Brazil/xyz

I also live in Brazil and mine timezone is GMT-3. The problem probably occurs because untill last year we had summer time here, but not now. I already reported this bug to Hubitat support team more than 1 week ago, but nothing is happening. The biggest problem is that the time based automations simply don't work well. It's a pity, once I changed from SmartThings to Hubitat searching reliability and I'm beginning to question if my option was right...

I've tried in all available zones, less in Acre because the time there is different from the rest of Brazil, but I still have the same problem.

Neonturbo, thanks for your suggestion, but I believe the time zone is linked to the spacial coordinates used to locate the physical situation of the hub. So, if I change the time zone without change the local coordinates where my hub is, the change will be lost in some moment in few hours. And if I also change the coordinates to show another time zone - the only way I found to keep the change -, I will lost the access to geofence functionalities...

I have changed these multiple times without affecting the coordinates. I set my location first, then pick a time zone. I have 3 to choose from in my general location, and only one zone setting works correctly.

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I will try this possible solution, tomorrow I will say if it worked. However, I wanted to ask Hubitat support to try to solve this problem, I don't want to use a temporary solution, I wanted to keep my location and time zone in the right way.

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We are aware of this problem, and should have a fix soon.


Hi @bravenel looks like we still have timezone issues here. As of now, I'm using Argentina/Buenos Aires time zone in Brazil. Also, looks like if we set Hubitat to GMT-3 it gets set as GMT+3. So looks like we have 2 problems here: time zone tables not updated as of 2021 and ETC timezone has a bug if we try to use them.

I solved the problem using this timezone

Try this one
I live in Maceió - AL
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Yep @jorgespneto, but this is just a workaround. @bravenel, is the development team aware of this bug? It seems to be caused by an outdated data server, once it is the second year that we don´t have summer time in Brazil; now we use the official time all the year.

The issue is not only with Brazilian timezones, but also if we want to use general GMT timezones its not set correctly as pointed out by @neonturbo . @bravenel please consider this issue on the next release. Thank You

We are aware of this issue. Unfortunately, fixing it is not very easy. If there are work-arounds that work, this would be best for now. Can't promise how soon this can be dealt with. It's not as simple as just updating a file on the hub.

Please let me know if there are viable work-arounds available to you or not.

Hi, thank you for your response. As of now we can use another timezone as a workaround, but as I already mentioned, the issue affects not only Brazilian timezones but the Etc/GMT ones too.