Hubitat in Sweden

I cannot reply in the post regarding Hubitat Sellers in Europe so I am creating a new post.

It seems resellers in Sweden aren't selling it. Could someone confirm it please ?

And if it is the case, could I buy it from another EU countries please ?

Thank you.

The reason it's not being sold in Sweden are due to the fact that it's not CE certified according to my sources, I know that the major resellers in Sweden are interested in selling the Hubitat Elevation hub. Hopefully this is something that they will sort out with the next generation hub.

In the meanwhile you can buy it online from this seller in Poland so you don't have to pay import duty and taxes:

Myself and several others have bought it from the same seller which also resides here in the community so it is legit!

//Fellow Swede :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks !

Thank you for mentioning eBay :mask:

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Any specific website or re-sellers recommended for buying these these IoT devices in Sweden ? (beside Ikea, Kjell)

I thought the CE certification was similar to UL listing, which is only required for line voltage devices (at least when it comes to power safety/fire/etc). This means that in the US, the hubitat itself wouldn't need a UL listing, but the power supply would.

But, in the US, you also need an FCC listing since it's got a transmitter in it. Does the CE listing also cover what the FCC does in the US?

You can alway take a look here: Shop list for EU Hubitat owners! Even though I have to admit that we from Sweden needs to improve our list! :wink:

the ones for Sweden are not up to date. it is not sold in sweden anymore it seems

Perhaps I misunderstood you, if you're speaking about the hub itself, that one have never been sold in Sweden. But for IoT-devices in general... the list might be a good start.

Webhallen listed it in late summer 2019 as a coming soon product.

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In the meantime many of you have purchased HE on eBay with up to 5 working days delivery :slight_smile:

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just received it. Ebay was the solution.

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Good to know. Enjoy! :grinning:

Just as an update, the Hubitat C7 model is now on sale here in Sweden for 1099 SEK with free delivery from webhallen, I just bought 1 for myself just 2 weeks ago, iI have the C4 model from earlier and I'm going to move over everything real soon.

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