Hubitat Hub - Next Generation Wish List

What's your wish list for the next generation of hub? Here is mine:

  1. Let's call it Hubitat PRO Hub. Raw Power/Super Fast, Resource Ready for anything
  2. Latest generation of Zigbee/Z-Wave protocols
  3. Diagnostic Tools to troubleshoot Mesh Network
  4. OTA Firmware Updates Capability
  5. Built-in Remote VPN to your HUB
  6. Better and more robust Dashboard

So yes, I am bored and got nothing else to do right now.


That would sell.

It should just continue to work. All the time.


Doesn't the "non-pro" version already do that?

I like the sound of that, especially the built-in VPN. -Joel

Top of my list would be a more robust power situation to reduce the chance of database corruption on power loss. Not sure how that's achieved with other devices.

Other than that, just moar processing powah.

  • Better antenna or radio
  • Better documentation
  • Better looking U.I.
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I wish for them to have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep the focused path forward, and know you are making good choices. Thank you for the hard work and continuing to listen, but staying course. :christmas_tree: :v:


A more robust database solution...sqlLite is decent for small applications but it really falls down when faced with instability and crashing apps/power failures. I would love, and I do mean love, to see Hubitat adopt Faircom's C-Tree Edge database. I did a lot of development on the older C-Tree plus (an early ancestor) and it was tough as nails.

There is that too.. And a Merry Christmas to all...


I'm not much of a Dashboard user (yet?). I already have VPN capability in my router, which I think is a better place for it. I'd rather see the Hub processing power working on home automation. But I totally love the rest of your suggestions! I'd be a particular fan of OTA updates and mesh diagnostic tools. Of course any new product should have the latest radios and protocols. More speed is always nice, but I also like the current form factor (small and silent) which may put limitations on processing power.


The major feature that I would like is that ability to backup a configuration that includes z-wave & zigbee devices and restore it on a new Hubitat (yup, I know this works already with zigbee devices ...).


I would add to this either WiFi capability (or the ability to run on hardware that supported WiFi) + battery to make secure joining easier.

Great suggestions all around! Honestly though, most of your list (excluding #1 of course) looks like stuff that would be implemented in software, not requiring new hardware. If it's a new generation of hub, I'd like to see some improvements to the hardware beyond just beefing up the power. (That said, if the current gen hub is not capable of supporting such software without a performance degredation, I'm happy to buy the Pro hub to enable those features.)

I'm seeing more and more bluetooth based devices coming out lately. It seems to me that a new generation of hub should include a bluetooth radio to support such devices if/as the trend continues.
I also like @NWTony's suggestion of better antenna(s). Perhaps it would even be possible to add connections for external antennas? That could be useful both for increasing coverage/range and for cases where multiple hubs, wifi APs, etc are in close proximity, allowing repositioning of the antenna without having to move the hub.

Dare I ask - support for Lutron Clear Connect?

This may sound odd but I hope the next generation is not for a good while.

Reason: New hardware can be very time consuming. Remember the Gen1 hardware was built on an existing platform where all the bugs had already been wrung out. Gen2 was a physical incorporation of the two pieces of Gen1 so a pretty low hardware risk.

A "new" hub would likely be a custom design and bring with it its own growing pains. So for now I would prefer the effort remain with the software.

Just my opinion.


I actually agree with this. It is best that current efforts be focused on making the software platform for the existing hardware as reliable as possible.

The feature that I requested earlier (z-wave/zigbee backup) in this thread could be just as "easily" be added to a platform update for the existing hardware.

I agree with both of these..

I am hoping for some onboard AI to take over lighting control. Motion lighting is so yesteryears.