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@mattias I hear you bro. I’m hanging for some ikea repeaters to drop.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the trådfri repeaters, but it doesn’t help us when they’re not available here :frowning: Let’s hope they get to an Oz IKEA soon and that they will then ship to NZ

Is the HS 110 not a WiFi smart plug? It’s not a Zigbee repeater, is it?

WiFi, yes

Do you have any Zigbee repeater recommendations?

No sorry man, I’m looking out for some as well.
I had a US business trip on the line but it’s fallen through and I was gonna grab some Ikea repeaters as they sound like “good all rounders”

Search for xbee on this forum. Perfect repeater, massive range ....1km.

I actually have a friend in the US shipping me 4 currently (ikea repeaters). Costly exercise when they aren't locally accessible

the ikea zigbee repeaters are great if you can get your hands on them. I have four scattered around my home (had them brought back from Europe on vacation), and now my xiaomi sensors don't fall off. They're USB powered, so it doesn't really matter what country you get them from; you can discard the power plug portion and just plug the actual repeater into any USB plug. Expensive if you need them shipped, but they work quite well, and aren't hard to set up in HE.

yep, that's my current plan. To get hold of a few Tradfri repeaters.

Pashak44, Try updating the firmware, very simple exercise and effectively nukes the unit back to default. Aeotec website has a simple walk through. When you pair do it really close, less than 2m.

MikeR, yes already tried a firmware update a couple weeks back. made no difference.

But thanks for the suggestion, keep em coming :slight_smile:

Did you ever get the Nue smart switch dimmers or power sockets into HE? I have both that I would love to push in. I suppose failing that I could just turn my Philips Hue back on..

Telstra have put together a managed home automation system. Expensive with cheap hardware. It will FAIL as will RACV. This stuff is costly to support without a solid community.
Mike in Tomago - Hubitat user in NSW.

is anyone using TTS in aus and if so which version / way are you doing it ?

I experimented with using Google home mini and the Chromecast integration and it seemed to work. Managed to rig a door sensor to make Google tell my wife to give her husband a cuddle anytime it triggered. Good times.


Pretty similar to @gbrown, I'm using a single GHmini (mic turned OFF) to announce the opening of certain doors or windows, Device battery level warnings, random front door announcements and on the hour time notifications such as " I know you probably don't want to now this, but it is %time%"
I'm thinking of adding random temperature announcements, just for the hell of it.
Using a mix of RM, Message Central, BigTalker2 and Welcome Announcement Apps.
It works well

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I use this for a couple of reminders - if we leave the Garage door open more than 15 mins I get a text message and Sonos announces that the door is open - just using the standard latest TTS and it works really well.

hmmm - so no one in aus using echo then. Rightio.

I went with GHMini for one reason and one reason only - because I could turn OFF the Mic.

Now if I was a suspicious type I’d doubt that the physical switch actually disconnected the mic, rather only stopping any mic prompted action. :smirk:


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