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I went to JB and they dont seem to have any of the Sengled range of the classic element either.

I agree that there’s not much available from a physical shop but online is a better option and remember that Zigbee devices are ‘one frequency’ so buying overseas is an option. Unlike Zwave devices which are region specific.

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I'd just grab the Sengled from - Most traditional shops haven't caught up with HA DIY market. Specialty stores cover some things, but mostly still do the super expensive HA stuff for integrators.

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I'm visiting San Francisco and had a look in a Best Buy. Several rows of HA stuff. Even the young store guy knew about Hubitat and was proud to tell me about his SmartThings automation etc...
Mostly the big brand ecosystems all have demo setups eg lots of Nest etc...
The only DIY sensors I could see was the SmartThings range. Quite cheap too.
:cry: Australia so far behind!

Also I'm a fan of US style paddle light switches - even if they are upside down! Makes a lot of sense.

just an FYI aussies, Target have the hue hub for $80 and bunnings price matched it for $72.

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hi all.

can anyone confirm if the 3a light switch dimmer works with hubitat? it seems the switch 1 and 3 gang do but not the dimmer?

I have 5 of the dimmers in my home (zigbee repeaters of course!) and they work great on smartthings just not local processing!

other than that i have: xiaomi motion sensors, 914 zigbee lock kwikset and lifx.

thank you

Sorry I have no experience with those devices. Maybe @greghoward1962 or @mike will have something to add..

I don't have any dimmers, so can't help.

Mike, what driver did you use for the Garage door controller. I cannot get mine to work.
I paired in secure mode and used the generic Zwave garage door controller.
Any help appreciated.

Hey Ohau if you are using the Aeotec one then it is the Generic driver that worked for me. Cheers


I am using the stick. I do have an Aeotec as well, so I might try that and see if it behaves better. It has paired correctly with the stick as can be seen below but it just does not respond to any commands. I will exclude and pair it to the Aeotec and see what happens.

deviceType: 33
zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
inClusters: 0x5E,0x27,0x25,0x86,0x73,0x85,0x59,0x8E,0x60,0x70,0x72,0x7A,0x98,0x5A
outClusters: 0x2B
deviceId: 20
manufacturer: 590

One thing I have found helps with stubborn devices (have had a few) is to do a Z Wave Rebuild on the hub itself - especially if you are adding devices. I am using a stick with mine. I guess the other thing would be to check your wiring between the controller and the door opener.

maybe i'll just have to try it to see if they work.

I'm just so tempted for local processing.

I cant get my Aeotec Garage door controller to pair securely to the standard stick at all. No matter what I try it does not pair securely. I was goign to get a zstick just for this, but if other are doing it successfully, somethign must be wrong on my end.

Maybe my garage opener device is older or slightly different model to everyone elses.

The instructions show nothing about pairing securely, nor does double pressing zwave button in quick succession make any difference with secure pairing.

Are you saying that the TPLink HS100's work with HE? Did you use your own driver, or build in? It's on sale at ebay for 2 for $40.

There is a driver. They work well. I have 6 working.

@djgutheinz did a great job with the TPLink devices! Everything local and very fast!

Do you have the 110 or the 110. The 110 has power monitoring I believe. But double the cost.

I’m not quite an Aussie, but I am a Kiwi so close enough for this post I reckon :wink:

I really need to get a Zigbee repeater. Do you have any suggestions on any good ones that we can get our hands on on this side of the planet?

Ha, I’m a Kiwi in Aus !
I’ve got a single HS 110 on HE using @djgutheinz excellent driver. :+1:t3:
Never missed a beat.

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