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what are you aussie guys using for sirens ?

I just put this together today with a spare Shelly 1 I had laying around and it worked well. I think the Strobe/Siren cost me about $20 on Aliexpress.


Are the single 3a switches supposed to update on/off status on the dashboard/device page if they are turned on/off via digital? They update via physical, but not digital. They update after manually pressing refresh on the device page.

I've not tried the 3 gang version, and have to wait a few hours before I can.

did you click configure after switching the driver?, but yes all the samples that I have (1,2 and 3 gang) all updated from digital commands.

Yes. I'll give it another go.

Edit: no go. Didnt work.

I will give this a go tonight and report back too.

Good news.

There is a new (sic) Nue driver. I presumed it would be under "generic zigbee switch".

It works perfectly for the single switch, which I paired newly after the new firmware. I've not tried the others yet.


Just did my 1gang, 2gang and 2gang GPO and all working great. Thanks heaps @mike.maxwell. I cannot wait until the 1gang dimmer is ready and then I am totally sorted :smile:


Mike's been great at helping with these drivers. Loving it

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I added 8 more Tradfri WS today to my 2nd Hue Bridge with a Hue tap (nothing else on this bridge at the moment). Channel 20 on this one. Found if the bridge was searching and I turned on the lights it found them no problem, started with one at a time and ended up doing the last 4 altogether.

Again, no problems, still waiting for the HE to arrive, it's landed in Sydney at least now :slight_smile:

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Hi all was wondering if anyone here in oz or anywhere for that matter have got any zigbee curtain motors working on HE
would like to get a couple front window curtains opening and closing with RM

I’m waiting on ikea :+1:t3:

Isn't ikea only blinds and not curtains

Yes, sorry.

Got it a few days ago and it works with with a custom driver (Nue ZIgbee Wasll Switch 1 Gang).

yeah, alright steve.. stop showing off.
wanna fly to brisbane and join my bulbs for me??

FYI You don't require a custom Nue switch driver anymore so long as you update to the latest 2.1.4 version of HE as their now officially supported.

Brisbane represent! :slight_smile: . What side of town?

North side, around north lakes!

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I have two more to add, will try those when the HE arrives to see if that makes any difference, I was half expecting the other 8 to cause me hassles after your experience, been a little while since I added any so had everything crossed in preparation.