Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Hi @rocketwiz,

Based on my experience, for a manually operated zip trak of that size I'd budget for about $2K, give or take. I couldn't see the measurements on my quote / invoice, but I think mine are a similar size.

I think the material I have on my blinds is called Visiontex Plus Suncreen. Basically its a woven synthetic material that is still able to sinificantly cut down the UV and heat, allows me to see out while providing some level of privacy, as well as providing some airflow. EDIT - Looking at @jchurch 's earlier post, the pic from their website looks very similar to what you see from the outside with the fabric I chose.

As I said, mine are manually operated (at the moment), they also have a fully enclosed hood around the roller, the locking mechanism at the bottom of the track. The ability to withstand strong winds was also a consideration for me.

I hope this provides some valuable information for you. As happy as I am with my purchase, I can't say I did extensive research to work out the best value for money option available at the time. I had used the company who installed the blinds before and was happy with their products and service, so I didn't look too hard for any alternatives.


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Thanks for the info. It's not a high priority item for us at the moment due to the cost, but would be nice to have given the summer we're experiencing.

I'll drop into Bunnings next week to check out the Coolaroo offering which is significantly cheaper. No doubt there will be a huge difference in quality of the materials used but you've given me some food for thought.

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Those blinds would be absolutely no good with my dog !
He'd be trying to run straight through them. LOL

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Anyone tried the hue plugs?

How do they compare to aeotec zwave ones?

I’ve assumed they’re ZLL like the other Hue gear not ZHA so they would be best on their own mesh but I’ve not tried.
I actually have a Hue hub now but as everything’s been working, I’ve resisted adding the Hue hub in.

Have you considered the Officeworks Brilliant plugs? They are really good and a lot cheaper. You will need to flash them with the Tasmota Hubitat firmware but once that's done you have great support for them here

Ive got a hue hub running currently, so i guess adding one of the hue plugs shouldn't be an issue

I havent, but will now - thanks :+1:


Just FYI I was down in Ikea today picking up some smart lights and got told by the helpful girl in the lighting department that the current wireless dimmer (AKA "puck") is being discontinued (hence the clearance price) and is being replaced by the new square shaped dimmer which has proper click buttons for on/off and is way better for use as a switch.

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Hi All, I recently purchased 2 Iris v3 keypads as it just made more sense to get 2 rather than postage etc for 1. Anyways if someone is keen to take it off my hands it's $50 (interstate buyer will need to pay postage though or pickup Brisbane is free). I can also show/explain how to hard wire it into PoE if you don't want to run it on 4 x AA batteries. That said I hear it gets really good battery life anyways so that's up to you but I just had a PoE port already in that location so made sense for me.

In addition, I have for sale a spare Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, fully kiosk browser licence, poe adaptor and a makes by mike mount. If any of that interests you just PM me.

EDIT: Iris keypad sold to @Clarence but tablet and mount still available.

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Where did you get the Bond Bridge from? Their website says they are only available for purchase in the US. Did you use a freight forwarder or is there someone local selling them?

Hello, I purchased from Ebay US and they now offer a flat fee to a global distribution network. I did the same for the Iris keypads it's pretty good.

Thanks for that. I’ll have a look. I still haven’t bought a hub/bridge for my motorised blinds so when I saw this I got very interested. I presume it’s powered by PoE or USB rather than US 110v?

No worries. I think I purchased mine 2nd hand from someone in the US on Ebay but it's been fine. I don't run mine on PoE (but you easily could) i just run it off a 5v 3.1amp USB GPO in my study. I may move it one day but honestly it takes no space and it's central to the entire house so I will probably leave it.

EDIT: Somfy works flawlessly with the Bond so don't be worried it's worth the $$$

Just wanted to say hi, just finished setting up my HE after moving from Domoticz. So far it's been really good.


Unfortunately I went with Rollease motors instead of Somfy. I’ve just been in contact with the Bond Bridge developers and they do not support Rollease and it is not on their roadmap either. There was some community effort to get Rollease support for Bond but it looks like it ended up in the too hard basket. I’m now stuck with having to get Rollease’s hub instead which I can only integrate with Hubitat through IFTTT. I did look forward to the local control through the Bond bridge...

Bummer. What made you go with those motors in the end? Good price?

Hi mate,
I hope you’ll find that you’re onto a good thing here. Great community and the Hubs not too bad either. LOL

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It was between Luxaflex blinds with Somfy motors and the Rollease blinds with motors. Rollease was thousands cheaper.

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Yeah fair enough, while I love my Somfy motors they are not cheap, that said my wife and I didn't need our entire house done only specific areas so that helped keep costs down. Anyways I am sure IFTTT will see you through until brings the support one day as mentioned here.

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Im not holding my breath though. This is what @bond-merck replied with on their forums: “There is no timeline for Rollease support, sorry. ”