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One thing I have found helps with stubborn devices (have had a few) is to do a Z Wave Rebuild on the hub itself - especially if you are adding devices. I am using a stick with mine. I guess the other thing would be to check your wiring between the controller and the door opener.

maybe i'll just have to try it to see if they work.

I'm just so tempted for local processing.

I cant get my Aeotec Garage door controller to pair securely to the standard stick at all. No matter what I try it does not pair securely. I was goign to get a zstick just for this, but if other are doing it successfully, somethign must be wrong on my end.

Maybe my garage opener device is older or slightly different model to everyone elses.

The instructions show nothing about pairing securely, nor does double pressing zwave button in quick succession make any difference with secure pairing.

Are you saying that the TPLink HS100's work with HE? Did you use your own driver, or build in? It's on sale at ebay for 2 for $40.

There is a driver. They work well. I have 6 working.

@djgutheinz did a great job with the TPLink devices! Everything local and very fast!

Do you have the 110 or the 110. The 110 has power monitoring I believe. But double the cost.

I’m not quite an Aussie, but I am a Kiwi so close enough for this post I reckon :wink:

I really need to get a Zigbee repeater. Do you have any suggestions on any good ones that we can get our hands on on this side of the planet?

Ha, I’m a Kiwi in Aus !
I’ve got a single HS 110 on HE using @djgutheinz excellent driver. :+1:t3:
Never missed a beat.

@mattias I hear you bro. I’m hanging for some ikea repeaters to drop.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the trådfri repeaters, but it doesn’t help us when they’re not available here :frowning: Let’s hope they get to an Oz IKEA soon and that they will then ship to NZ

Is the HS 110 not a WiFi smart plug? It’s not a Zigbee repeater, is it?

WiFi, yes

Do you have any Zigbee repeater recommendations?

No sorry man, I’m looking out for some as well.
I had a US business trip on the line but it’s fallen through and I was gonna grab some Ikea repeaters as they sound like “good all rounders”

Search for xbee on this forum. Perfect repeater, massive range ....1km.

I actually have a friend in the US shipping me 4 currently (ikea repeaters). Costly exercise when they aren't locally accessible

the ikea zigbee repeaters are great if you can get your hands on them. I have four scattered around my home (had them brought back from Europe on vacation), and now my xiaomi sensors don't fall off. They're USB powered, so it doesn't really matter what country you get them from; you can discard the power plug portion and just plug the actual repeater into any USB plug. Expensive if you need them shipped, but they work quite well, and aren't hard to set up in HE.

yep, that's my current plan. To get hold of a few Tradfri repeaters.

Pashak44, Try updating the firmware, very simple exercise and effectively nukes the unit back to default. Aeotec website has a simple walk through. When you pair do it really close, less than 2m.

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