Hubitat for AUS - Discussion


hey @pjam73,
Yeah, you're right on the site it lists the sale as a C5. Guess you'll have to wait and see but from what i've seen all int' orders get C4s with 2 usb sticks.


That’s what I understand also.
Int. Versions get, and need, 2 x radio USB’s


Thanks @stevebott123
Forgot about the zigbee stick being included.
Silly me!


When i placed my order on the 29th, the site listed a c4 unit..
Now it lists a c5 unit with a seperate zwave stick for aussies


I read that there was only a single Micro-USB on the C5 HUB, so my money is on you getting a micro-USB to USB A (Female) cable for the other Z stick, for down here.


It’s out for delivery today with DHL. I only placed the order on Friday!


Aargh. I sent it to my office, DHL say it was delivered and signed for (I can see the signature scribble) but it’s not here, nor in any of the nearby businesses, nor does anyone know the person who signed for it.

DHL are tracking it down, but say it was made harder by Hubitat putting a US number on there rather than mine (can’t remember if you give one when ordering) , and the business name wasn’t clear?? It’s on the shipping address but not the first line so they didn’t understand it?!

Edit: did some more door knocking and found it. Pretty crap of DHL to deliver it to clearly the wrong address and wrong business!


Just got mine today, its a C-5 with a UZB1


ah nice one. Enjoy the journey!


I bought hub #2. Still in transit.


Damm im not even into the good stuff with my hub and y'all getting second hubs making me all jealous!


Yep, just opened mine and it’s the same. I hope the zigbee range is good given it can’t be extended now.


If I've learnt anything with Zigbee it's "don't rely on range, rely on repeaters".
You can't have too many.
I've said it before.... most of these devices are tiny, battery powered, transmitters and by reading through the posts from new users, I reckon they're OVER estimating the range these of the little guys.


I'm having some success with the Nue stuff. I don't have the dimmers but I've got the 2-gang switches working properly and will be applying that to my double GPO soon. If there's a current thread on this kit somewhere let me know and I'll put up what I've got so far.


Hey this looks interesting to control 12v devices NOT just LED strips.


I have the nue dimmers and switches. Running on smartthings. .mine are about 1.5 years old. They work good but recently show up as disconnected. Issue with st I think. But they are my main ZigBee repeaters and I get pretty solid connections.

Annoying they recently started showing as disconnected. If you push them to update they update and re connect.

Apparently to get them to work in hub you have to update the device id or something. Did you have to ?


I ordered one on Sun July 7th and it arrived yesteday (Friday July 12th) and I didn't have to pay any GST or duty. This is NZ though. I was impressed by the short delivery time though


heads up my aussie brothers, Bunnings have the e27 warm white and switch panel on sale for $32. I bought 2 as thats $16 each part. Also Officeworks has the b22 and e27 bulbs on sale currently for $13 each also.


Good find I need a couple more switch panels


I got 5 Tp Link HS110 on amazon yesterday for AUD27, with 12% cashback. Smashing deal.