Hubitat for AUS - Discussion


Which TTS are you using ?

@gbrown - so you're using the chromecast built in app ?


Aye. I was just testing the built in. Haven't properly implemented anything. So can't comment on reliability


FYI I've just paired the Smartthings contact sensors and motion sensors from RACV with my Hubitat without any issues. All working well.


would love to hear how the motion sensors go. Also are you running any repeaters in your setup ?


Motion sensors are using the Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor driver (auto detected during setup). Work perfectly and are very discrete. No repeaters in my setup and so far no issues. My hub is very much in the centre of my house though.


I assumed Zigbee would have a greater range than practical experience shows me.
A couple of my Iris devices started dropping off and becoming erratic.
I had to remind myself how tiny and low powered the transmitters are !
Just installed my 1st repeater so we’ll see how that goes.
Hooked it up to a Fluro light and a motion sensor.

I wish RACV sold the presence fobs !


Nice! I’m pretty happy with my setup right now.

Replaced my alarm panel with a board so all wired sensors and siren are running in Hubitat now as well. SmartThings contact sensors on doors. I’ve even got my wire-free eufycams triggering motion events as sensors via an RTSP/Synology Surveillance Station/MakerAPI sandwich. Add in my Aeotec Z-Wave wall switches and almost all is working perfectly. Even have it bridged back to Apple Homekit & linked to Google Home.

Love Hubitat!


Did you get one of the the Ikea repeaters? Would be interested to see how it goes.


No, have a read in this THREAD


I’ve just ordered 5 IKEA Tradfri repeaters from an IKEA store on the other side of the world. I will hopefully have them in the next couple of weeks to have a play with them.


are you using a mail forwarder ?


Of sorts. Got family there so they are forwarding them to me.


I just ordered my hub!

Anyone remember how long it took to arrive? I chose the DHL Express shipping method. Will I have to pay GST?


It wont take long, I'd say a week, but given that today in USA is public holiday, it might not post until Monday.

I didnt pay GST on import,.


Just ordered mine aswell. No gst paid
Shipped on 29th june. Last update at sydney airport on 4th july
Shouldn't be long now


Welcome to the HE family lads.


While I was tracking mine online it appeared to hang about Melbourne GPO for about a week. Stuck in customs maybe.?? Quite agonising to watch since it only took a few days to ship from the other side of the world.


Received my hub today..
Impressed with the postage speed....i cant even send something locally this quick...:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just checking, im assuming the second usb stick included is the standard US frequency zwave stick, which is not needed?


hey @bdydrp - one stick is for the zwave and one is for the zigbee. Us international users have both sticks external on the C4 model (C5 just has the radios internal). The paperwork is limited but you are meant to have the small black usb 10cm away from the hub. Here is a pic of my setup for reference.


Pretty sure the order I placed last week said it was a C5 and that only the zwave was external. It’s waiting in customs at the moment.