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Anyone in europe has experience in buying the hubitat controller? I would like to switch from smartthings to this one, hopfully better control and more stable :slight_smile:

I noticed in the shop theres a warning about: Expect to pay import duties and taxes.

Can anyone in europe preferably the Netherlands :slight_smile: share your experience?



Have you tried
There was a guy from Poland selling on there but since Brexit had stopped sending to the UK because of taxes. He was still selling in the EU I believe.
I got my C7 from him. Very reliable.


He is not wanting UK sales - Netherlands is Ā£10 - or ~ whatever that is in Euro

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I suppose until he gets registered so that he can collect UK vat this is going to continue.

I thought fleabay collects the vat?

Hi Maarten,

I'm also in The Netherlands. Ordered my first Hubitat in April 2019 from the USA. Payed around ā‚¬175, including postage and then had to pay another ā‚¬60 for DHL/Schiphol taxes.
Bought my second Hubitat in July 2020 from on eBay. I then paid ā‚¬158 for it.

It's even cheaper now!

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Thanks all, I guess the C7 is the latest version. No new version coming up soon?

I will have a look at ebay. I noticed thats also coming from polland.

Hi Maarten,

I got hit for 37Eur upon import on a bill of 140usd incl shipping


Hi, I'm in the UK. I bought direct from Hubitat and paid the Hubitat price plus shipping. There were no import taxes as I recall :slight_smile:

Me too!

(I'm German.)

If you would Iike to buy it closer to you, then I can recommend Vesternet in the UK.

Iā€™m in the UK. Bought mine from Vesternet based in the UK. No problems with taxes at all. But then, no Spring Sales price either...

uk here, I bought from vesternet. They were a bit naughty over-promising delivery, and we exchanged some narky emails, but I'm sure I'm in the minority and they're generally ok.

Nope Vesternet is hit or miss. I only use them if I have to

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Same here on Vesternet, had some great dealings with them, and then some really BAD ones.
That said, getting my C7 went smoothly with them.

The problem with sending goods to the UK from the EU is that now parcels go through customs. Delivery is pricier too. At the end of a day it may be just like importing a hub directly from the USA = customs + expensive delivery. Until I figure something out I do not deliver to the UK.

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At I have introduced iDEAL payments for Dutch customers. This method is popular in the Netherlands, isn't it?
Also GPay and regular credit/debit cards.

At regular credit/debit cards.

Both shops operate from Poland which means the price you see is the price you pay.
Delivery takes 3 (Germany) 4 (Netherlands, Denmark, Finland) or 5 (Spain, Portugal) days.


Yep, IDEAL is popular in The Netherlands

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