Hubitat equivalent to "Shady"?

Hi all!

Just fired up my Hubitat hub for the first time this morning--SmartThings refuge here. Super excited to not have to rely on the cloud for things that absolutely could and should be local.

I'm still in the process of migrating my devices over (and pleasantly surprised that everything has been going pretty darn smoothly so far), but one area that I seem to have not found an equivalent for is called Shady.

Basically it allows the grouping of shade devices specifically into one (so, 2 bedroom shades could be controlled via one device). I've tried using the Groups and Scenes add-on, but that doesn't seem to fit the bill. Does anyone have any insights on what my current options are that would still give me control over %s in the dashboard and Alexa without creating a bunch of routines or scenes?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to being a part of the community.

I'm using Groups right now, which it sounds like you don't want--and is indeed not ideal (they'll look like bulbs, color control and all). It also depends on your shades drivers implementing commands like "Set Level," which many don't ("Set Position" is the "pure" window shade equivalent command).

I'm working on something to group these on my own (with options for a "pure" shade or dimmer-looking shade regardless of real driver), but I think there's a community app now that can group many device classes beyond the stock options. I'll see if I can find a link, or someone might before me...

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@bravenel whipped this up for someone with a similar request. I do not have blinds so you will have to give it a run to see if it fits your use.


Thanks! I might need to play with Groups some more, but I found that if there was some mismatch between one of the grouped shades, it was causing all sorts of strange results. But it also could be because my setup is still quite new and I need to do a zwave repair. I'll keep researching.

That almost looked like it would do exactly what Shady does with just a couple extra steps, but I am running into some issues with position/level. I'll post in that thread. Thanks for sharing.

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