Hubitat Elevation® Model C-7 Available

Ordered. Unfortunately its going to be a bit of work to migrate from my c4 to the c7. No backup/restore service for me. :frowning:


What is the migration path for c4 users?


Just grabbed 2 as well..

WooHoo... on the way!

First time dipping my toes into Hubitat. Wish me luck!


Either move your radio stick over, or Rejoin all devices. If you restore a backup, Zigbee devices automatically refind themselves when you join them. But Z-Wave you pretty much have to start over with. I'll post some steps I've used to do this that allow you to not have to rebuild all of your automations. But, it's a tedious process no matter how you slice it. Be sure to read these articles:

How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh

How to Build a Solid Z-Wave Mesh


Dang - in 30 minutes we've gone from order #1 to order #13756

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 13.35.57


and ordered as quickly as I got the email! Can't wait!!

Edit... didn't see the promotional code before I ordered. Doh! I went from the email before checking here haha.

Same here. I was in a big hurry to place my order! Missed the 10% off code.

If you guys send an email to with your order number, we will get you the discount.



I didn't use the code either, but I'll trade that for shipping priority over the other moochers. :wink:

Order #13852 in case you want to go pull it now for early shipping. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


My Z-Wave only hub is ordered!

Now... If only I could buy time to migrate everything over...

Just got one also..

@bravenel, I am still running on a C-4, when I receive the C-7 will there we a possibility up migrating my current config + device zwave device info?


I don't mine to start re-including the devices with the same names as before, but I would like to converse some how the rules...
Have the steps mentioned been published?

Great customer service! In my excitement, I too, didn't read the whole announcement email first. An email to 'orders' is on the way. Thanks!

Let's give @bravenel a chance to do so, please. He posted the above information within the last hour. Since nobody has a C-7 hub yet, I think he probably has some time to gather his thoughts into some useful tips on how best to migrate from a C3/C4 to a C-7.

Personally, I would use this as an opportunity to really re-think and re-design things to be the most efficient and effective. Perhaps starting from scratch isn't the worst idea. :thinking: That way no old baggage is brought over to the new hub. A clean slate is sometimes a nice place to start.


I just ordered mine and will be coming over from SmartThings. Looking forward to getting the new hub and learning the new rules machine. I use WebCore now but plan on just using RM going forward.

Edit, AWESOME customer service. I sent the email that I missed the promo code and they already refunded me the 10%!!!


Welcome to Hubitat, @chipworkz!

That's a good plan. You should also look at using Hubitat's built-in Apps, like "Simple Automations", "Motion Lighting", "Hubitat Notifications", "Groups and Scenes", "Hubitat Safety Monitor", "Mode Manager", etc... These are all purpose-built, well designed, and supported applications that can accomplish a lot of automations. Save "Rule Machine" for those complex scenarios where the others fall short.


Can I order from a EU store already? A link is appreciated.

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