Hubitat Elevation® Model C-7 Available

I see your listing on ebay says a delivery between 28th July to 4th of Aug. Have you actually got these yet. If not you may want to put a disclaimer on your listing in case people are expecting delivery by then.
In case any one reading this is unsure of the ebay seller, I ordered a C5 from this seller last year and everything was fine. he is a trusted seller. (I have no affiliation with this seller by the way).

EDIT: It has just come up with out of stock on the listing. Missed that. Sorry.


When will you have the documentation published for the c4 users if they decide to migrate? As other have stated I fully understand the radio registration lock on the older Zwave radio USB device and have to migrate the devices. In my mind I have been developing a plan but it would be great if I had a framework to work from. I had to live with a whole day migration with SmartThings when I had a hub go bad and still took additional time to fix all the generated device id's for the re-registered Zwave devices.

I really like the idea of the capability with the newer hardware to have a cloud backup option in addition to local backup. And a subscription makes sense. This will get ride of the last roadblock of having a disaster recovery plan for failed hub devices.

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I got the email from Vesternet and I knew there would be a race, so as soon as the email dropped I went straight over and got one. It will be my first experience of Hubitat and the first opportunity I have actually had to get a hub at a reasonable price, even if I'd wanted to before!

OK, I see what was going on here. It isn't that they won't deliver to my location, it's that I was greedy and ordering two hubs. When I ordered just one, it went fine. With shipping and the 10% off from Hubitat it comes to about GBP 135 that Vesternet charges (and that's not including shipping from the UK). I have to pay import charges whether it comes from the UK or US anyway, so it makes no difference. Other than my Trådfri from IKEA, this is my first real try at smart-homing, so wish me luck!




Bruce already posted his approach to moving Z-Wave devices to a new hub yesterday. Take a look below.

With all the staff they keep adding, they might be happy to just make payroll at this point! They haven't shipped anything/received any revenue in quite a while...


I’m a little confused by the naming. I know the new Zwave version is called Zwave 700, is the C7 one of those? Or a Zwave Plus chip?

The C-7 has a zwave 700 radio/chip.

Just be careful in the wording, as zwave 700 is still zwave plus... (just zwave plus v2). So saying "zwave plus" does not automatically mean zwave 500.

And as with all zwave, zwave 700 is 100% backwards compatible all the way back to zwave 300 (maybe 100, but who even has a zwave 100 device to test against??).


Is the Intermatic CA3750 a z-wave 100-series device? I have one sitting in my garage.

Edit: Yes, it is!.


You "win". :laughing:

I don't have a 300, let alone 100, device to test against at this point.


I'd have to connect it (literally sitting in a box in my garage) .... bought two of them 6-7 years ago. One was DOA, and I never used the other beyond testing it. I do have 300-series sensors - Aeotec leak sensors and some GoControl contact sensors that I have repurposed as dry-contact sensors.

If you ask me.. They (z-wave alliance) made that so confusing.. It makes it sound like it is a small improvement over z-wave plus.. When it’s actually a huge list of improvements.

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No argument there.

zwave plus+ would have been better.


I can’t wait to see what device manufacturers are really going to do with the massive cpu jump, double the flash, and ram.. Our endpoint devices are going to be getting a lot smarter.


Ooh, ooh... I know a few things on that topic! But NDAs prohibit me talking. :slight_smile:

It should be good, but will be a while still (in my opinion). A lot of the phase 1 700 devices will just be re-hashed 500 series devices to get their 'feet wet' in using a real programming language for the devices again instead of the equivalent to assembly language.


Yep.. Seeing a lot of those right now.. It’s going to be interesting though... I’m starting to see vendors add one or two more features than their previous models.. So It’s coming..

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I'm dying to see if the battery life improvements in new 700 series devices really prove out.

10 year battery life is unlikely/marketing hype, but if the norm became more like 5 years minimum, that would be AWESOME.

Would love to know this as well. Please don't pull a 'SmartThings' and say us early adaptors are SOL with our gen1 hubs.

So far.. What I’ve been seeing, to my disappointment, is the manufacturers are going with smaller batteries because they can now.. If they would stick with the larger batteries we would see that amazing battery life..

One good trend I have noticed is fewer sleepy end devices and more LSS (FLiRS) .. I worked on a motion sensor driver that was LSS recently.. I’m not a fan of the super sleepy devices..


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