Hubitat Elevation Gen 2


Apparently from Pepcom 2019, the Hubitate Elevation Gen 2 is (rumoured to be) available Q1 2019 along with phone app.

I am wondering if such release will be global (I am in EU) and still on schedule for Q1 release?

Right now I am on fence for purchasing the current Elevation if an all integrated model is around the corner - of course, that is if the integrated model would also support EU frequencies, etc.


I think @Cobra’s response here should give you a little security to go for a hub now :slight_smile: unless you really want the aesthetics of the new hub.


There will not be an EU frequency integrated hub in the near term, certainly not in Q1. For EU frequency, you would need to purchase our existing product.


When do you think GEN2 will be made available ? Or announced?


When it is announced. In the future...