Hubitat does not like running cable test

unfort. you need to have device plugged in and on to test.. when i run it.. the hubitat freezes up.. unfort. necesittes power off/on reboot..

so now soft reset and restore db time...

oh well.

What were you using to perform the cable test?

the trendnet 2.5g managed switch. teg-3102ws

Maybe it sends jumbo frames as part of its test :slight_smile:

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i doubt it.. i have jumbo frames turned off on the switch.. so none should pass to hubitat.. but isupposed tests could bypass that setting.

also i dont think it is the normal freeze as the network disconnects. ie light on switch port goes out..

I will add that to my "do not try this at home" list


no bigee i reset and restored just in case the db got corrupted.. just though people should know in case they also try it.. the test also gives incorrect results says 3 out of 4 pairs are shorted. unless that is the way the port on the hubitat works.. same cable tested on another devices shows ok.

I bought myself one of these. Not the most sophisticated device but for the money it works!

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nice never even thought i could have bad cables since they are not constructed by me.. but probably a good purchase..

i have had good luck with trendnet switches i have a managed 8 port 10g and an unmanaged 5 port 10g upstairs and have had not one problem with them..

thus when i upgraded my moca coax to the 2.5g port versions i updated the switch downstairs as well and the downstairs wifi router has a 2.5g port.. i now can get about 1.5g on openspeed test to my nas over wifi..

18 months ago I got my contractor to wire the house with Cat6A. He's not a data guy but he is very good a creating wiring channels in a Victorian house that was originally "wired" with gas lamps. I can't terminate cabling - my eyesight isn't that good anymore and I'm colorblind. 4 pairs of brown and brown on white doesn't do much for me. I got him the necessary tools and the tester, he watched a bunch of youtube videos, and after a few false starts, voila! Cat6a all over the place.


Look at Mr. Fancy over there. I have one of these....:laughing:

Cheapskate :slight_smile:

My wife would disagree.

I honestly bought it a few years ago when I was trying to be cheap. The daggum thing just works so I haven't upgraded.


We already had coax throughiut the house for use with direect tv. Now not being used as we have comcrap. So the moca was a non brainer and has worked well. I also use iy as my backchannel from downstairs wifi to upstairs.

Now things are.progressing above.the 1g glass barrier necessitating replacement of a lot.of infrastructure.

Yeah that's why I went with 6a instead of something easier and cheaper. But honestly... how much bandwidth does the average user need? I have a 1gb internet pipe, I work from home full time, and we are 100% cord cutters - all of our media is streaming and one of us is a heavy gamer. I do constant online backups and we have a ton of IoT devices. If I look at my usage over the last 30 days I see peaks of 10Mbps here and there.

Yeah...about the same here. I do have a Plex server that a few friends use so we get upload spikes every now and then.

Well... that's why you can't afford the fancy cable tester.

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That's definitely not a problem.

I realized I used a different's my 30 days: