Hubitat devices in SmartThings app?

I moved from SmartThings to hubitat when SmartThings shut down the ADT hub. I love it and don’t want to go back. But I just bought a new Samsung smart tv with a SmartThings app on it and I was wondering if there is a way to get my hubitat devices in the SmartThings app? All I could find googling was I can add a SmartThings hub and connect them together. I don’t really want to add another hub. Is there a plug-in or app that will connect the 2? Thank you

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Note: ST is scheduled to end groovy at the end of this year so unless there is further development with this smartapp to work with the ST platform … it will mostly only be available until then

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That’s what I found on Google. Would that work without a SmartThings hub? Or do I have to buy another hub? I’m asking is there a way without having to add another hub. Thank you

There is the ability to add without the hub… search that thread. The instructions are in there somewhere.


You can also look at Samsung Hubitat TV Integration (2016 and later)
Or you can look for integrating HE to ST cloud using Node Red.


Also maybe HomeAssistant as well and then use the community HA to HE bridge...

Seems like a lot of different ways to do this although how long will it be supported is the big question I guess?


Thank you for the reply’s I’ll look into them. I’m not looking to control the tv from hubitat. And I don’t know how much i would use it with an echo right next to me but the tv has the SmartThings app built in so why not.