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I've tried that already a few times and able to replace this issue on 2 different computers on both Chrome and Edge and on my mobile phone using Chrome. I've cleared cache as well and rebooted my hub but not seeing any change. I had this option checked initially when creating this dashboard so this option was never disabled.


That date format looks perfect to me (dd/mm/yyyy format ) . :laughing::wink:


Had a feature request for the dashboard. I noticed a delay (especially when accessing via the cloud) between pushing a tile and waiting for the state to change. (For instance, pushing a switch to turn on the takes a few seconds after pushing it for it to turn green).

It would be great if we can have a state that indicates something has been pushed. People who use my dashboard often push the same tile twice as they aren’t sure if the first push was registered


Is this on sharptools or stock dashboard? The stock dashboard does darken the tile while waiting for a response, at least in my experience. The sharptools dashboard does not, and that's the main reason I stopped using it.

Top tile pushed, waiting for response.


I'm with @destructure00 on this one: My dashboards also darken the tile when they are pushed and waiting for a response.

That said... There is one case I've seen where the dashboard doesn't do this properly: If you have a tile to Arm/Disarm HSM. The status for HSM never updates itself after arming or disarming. You have to reload the entire dashboard to get the updated HSM Status.

I've been meaning to report this for ages. Is this a known issue with HSM status on the Dashboards?



@patrick has mentioned there’s a major rewrite of Dashboard coming......


for the background image files can you store and use them locally? and if so how?


It needs to be served up via a web server.


So can't be done by pointing to a NAS location?


I think you’d need to have a web server running on the NAS.

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Updated v2 Docs for Dashboard are located here Hubitat® Dashboard - Hubitat Documentation