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Ok I just tested it again and it’s working now. I had setup the dashboard with 4 rows and 4 columns and it wasn’t working right. IOS 12 and latest version of Hubitat. I changed it to 6 and 4 and now it’s working fine. Haha I have no idea.


Is there any way to create a tile (attribute?) to show something like the current mode or HSM status without being able to change the mode or HSM status? I'm sure my searching abilities are lacking and the answer exists somewhere, but having no luck coming across an answer -- or perhaps just not clear on how to use the attribute tile this way.


There is currently not an option. Will explore a way to add this in a future update.


How is everyone handling mobile views verses a tablet view?


Different Dashboards for each type. PC, Tablet, Mobile.


Also, you can use the import / export layout feature to quickly make different versions.


I saw that. My issue is controlling the end-user experience. When clicking the back button you are sent back to the dashboard resulting in all the potential dashboard views. Not very ideal for the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).


Set it to read only, the arrow goes away and no further changes can be made as well.

Support of OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave / Z-Wave Plus devices
Leviton z-wave plus dimmers - firmware update may needed to work with generic smart driver

When setting tiles colors, any chance we can set them so it's the same on all dashboard?


How do I add modes to the dashboard? I only want my dashboard to control modes


AFAIK right now,.....
add and configure an App such as Mode Manager.
Create and open a Dashboard and add a tile, selecting it to be Mode type and then whatever Mode you’ve previously created.
Can’t be more precise as I’m just doing this from memory.


If you want a tile to show and change your modes. Just add a tile with the template called "Modes" and pick a device called Modes.

This will place a tile on the dashboard that will display the current mode and on tap, will pop up a choice of modes to change the current mode.


@patrick I remember a few releases ago you were working on a thermostat tile. Is this still happening?


Yes. Working on a few other priorities but we will circle back with a thermostat tile


What would cause this to show one blank and one with a droplet... same device type.


Excuse the color, I was just playing, honest :wink:


Has the device reported a state? Check the device details for that device and see if it has reported in. Some water sensors don't report an initial state. If nothing is reported, nothing can display in the tile.


Ah, that would be it. I tested one and it was the Boys Bathroom sensor the other I did not.


Am I correct in noticing that images sometimes don't get refreshed for a couple days? Every now and then my radar and weekly forecast images are 2-3 days behind.


I have noticed the same issue on my dashboard, I sometimes have to restart it to get the radar image to update.


Just got through reading all 459 posts :sweat:. Great info. I know that custom tile titles was discussed at length but here's another vote to allow renaming the tile. Using an attribute tile can make the tile title less than optimal:


I'd love a way to rename this "Current Conditions".