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I'm able to reproduce it in Chrome. I occupancyIcon has to be smaller than the tile, or it will eventually lock up. I can't imagine why an overflow could be causing it, however. Very hard to debug, since the browser is frozen up.


Can you reproduce it outside of dashboard, ie mock up a simple html file? Hard to believe an image is crashing a browser, but I've seen stranger things.

At least do you have a link to the image in question? Maybe it has to do with the image?


The icons can be found here: bangali/resources/icons at master · adey/bangali · GitHub
Example: roomsCheckingState.png


Really appreciate the info. Going to make some changes in the next release that should help address this. I think its a conflict with the resize text function to get attribute text to fit that is colliding with the image embedded within.


Would like to see a notification / speach tile that allows us to pass in text.


@patrick Does the garage door control template support the "opening" and "closing" states as well as the "open" and "closed"?


There is no icon at this time for opening or closing... So dashboard will ignore these states until a closed or open value comes back.


I saw in an earlier post the request for a custom title vs. name. I use more descriptive names to ensure I know what is being used in each tile. However, I'd like to have custom titles which could be shorter when additional context isn't necessary. For instance, I have a dashboard for each room. Rather than having a full name for the light switch in the room, I'd like to have a simple title like 'Lights'. This could minimize the amount of text on the screen, making it simpler for the UI.


I'm having trouble getting a tile to remember its size. It's an image - I have it set to an intellicast animated gif. If I set it to Tile Size 3x2, then close the dashboard and reopen it, the tiles are back to 1x1.


Also running into problems with it remembering tile placement. I'll have it nicely organized and when I reopen it, things are all shuffled. In addition, if I change the device of a single tile, it will rearrange all the other tiles and they will lose their size attributes.

I'm assuming everyone already knows about this and we're in superduper alpha phase here.


If you select "update grid" after changing settings of individual tiles it will "stick".


Actually, that doesn't work for me. If I click "Update Grid", it just snaps back to how it was before.


Okay, maybe you meant "Update Tile". I have to click "Update Tile" after every change to each tile in order for it to stick.


You only need to click it once to save all the changes to the tile. The live preview is just that, a preview. Think of it as a save button.


Got it. I've been clicking outside the edit panel after making changes.


We've gone back and forth. Since there isn't really an undo, it was decided that moving and resizing tiles was best to be a preview and commit the changes via the button vs saving the layout after each click. If you screw something up, reload the page and its back.


I see. I wonder if it could use some sort of "preview mode" indicator.


Anyone else feels the need for text to be of different colour when the colour of the icon is changed from default to another colour? The default is green icon and white text but when icon colour is changed, the text colour also changes and there is not way to change it to any other colour which is a bit annoying.


I’m having an issue with the mode in my dashboard.! On IOS when I change the mode it doesn’t refresh / update on the dashboard until I go out of it or to a different dashboard and come back to the dashboard that shows the mode. Is this intended behavior?


Not intended for sure. Is this limited to iOS for you or does it happen on a desktop browser?

Also, what version of hubitat and iOS?