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Thanks @patrick could the motion and contact tile also display an attribute then? The driver will need to be modify to set the attribute accordingly.


Yes, they could. capability.tamperAlert could be added to the driver (some of our built in drivers do this) and that would then allow us to use it. If you have specific devices that support tamper status and we need to update our built in drivers, please let me know.

For now, since only one driver, Bosch Motion supports this, I'll add it to the feature request lists for other devices.

The workaround still applies, use an attribute Tile for tamperAlert (or whatever status a custom driver reports)


The built in Virtual Motion sensor is the one i'm using for alarm panel so maybe you guys can update it. I will update my own Virtual contact sensor DH to include the capability.

Thanks @patrick


How would a virtual sensor be tampered with?

With the physical sensors I’ve used, the tamper alert goes off when the case is opened (e.g. ecolink contact sensors), or removed from the wall bracket (e.g. ecolink motion sensors, or iris keypad).


It does not.. I am using the virtual sensor to show the status of my DSC/envisalink sensors. The DSC motion sensor has tamper which I like mirror with the virtual sensor.


@patrick Is there a switch tile that have a confirmation pop-up prompt? I have a couple of virtual switches that I am using to arm my alarm but navigating around the Dashboard, I sometimes would accidentally arm/disarm the alarm. Would be good to have a switch tile that ask for confirmation.

Please consider adding


Have you tried the "Door Control" template ?
That pops up a confirmation.


something like that should work but it won't display the icon. Would be nice to have an Alarm-Control tile to show the icon of a house when unlock and a house with a key when locked.


Another request.

A image tile. Lets have a tile similar to the attribute tile. When it reads the attribute which would be an http link to an image, the tile then display that image instead of the text from the attribute.

I've ported over the bloomsky stuffs to HE, since HE can't display the picture, i would like to just update an attribute with the link to the image instead and have the Dashboard display the picture.

@patrick possible?


Is the image static or dynamic in its url? In other words, is the url always the same? If so, just use the image tile.

Otherwise, you can always wrap the bloomsky attribute in an <img src="url"> and it will show up in the attribute tile and it will also show up in the device details screen as well.


The URL is dynamic. How do i get it to display in the device details screen ?

<img src="${url}" style="width:400px"/>

Or something similar, I'd set the width or height to make sure it doesn't go nuts being a huge image.


Not sure how to format the sendEvent correctly. tried below but not working

  test = "<img src="${imageURL}" style="width:400px"/>"
  sendEvent(name: "Image", value: test)

test = '<img src="${imageURL}" style="width:400px"/>'

It needs to be a string



Attribute tile pointing to "Image"



the image isn't loading... Right click and inspect the image: part and see what's not formatted properly.


the imageURL is not getting thru


test = "<img src='" + imageURL + "' style='width:400px' />"

Try this instead.


success.. Now to get the attribute tile to show it too.



if it shows up there, it should show up in the attribute tile.