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I now see what you are saying, when only one state is defined, it isn't changing to the default state, so if you set one for on and not for off, when its off, it isn't changing.


Exactly! :slight_smile:


I have been having the same problem all along. I just went in and set codes for off states as well and it seems to be performing better now.


I had no idea you could do this. Is there anyway to overlay a blank button? I'd want my garage door icon to look different.


Quite a few bug fixes in latest release


Any chance this image refresh rate could be made configurable?


It's on the to do list. Thanks for asking. No eta.


Hi @patrick, I see my Moisture sensors have battery level and temp reading on the tile but not other devices such as contact sensor etc.
I find it's very useful to have these 2 reading in the tile. I would like to request this feature to other devices. Thanks.


The multi template has this for contact sensors. What other devices would you want to see this on?


oh wow, I didn't know you could use the multi for contact sensor. try it on Motion sensor and it's working as well. Thanks!



I seem to be having an issue with displaying the power usage of my iris zwave/zigbee plug.
The device reports the power usage properly on its page. I just can never it get it to show on the dashboard. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Here I have tried the custom attribute tile, the energy tile, the multi tile. I think I must be messing up something silly.


Thanks to any and all for help!


If you use the attribute template, the case needs to match the state. Try “power” instead of “Power”.


So we don't have a power tile (yet) just an energy tile that reports "energy" state. The custom attribute tile should work with the attribute "power".


Thanks guys. I knew it had to be something simple.


Is there a possibility of getting a nest can tile that could populate with the snapshot from the last event taken from the nest integration?


Yes, its possible. I'll add it to the feature request list.


Where did we land on iframes/embedded web content?


iframes are on the list, but they are tricky to do correctly. Some websites don't like being in iframes and can break dashboard. As for embedded web content, can you give me specific examples?


Grafana dashboards


Can I make a request to the contact tile for the dash board or maybe it requires another contact object itself. I would like to have a third state for the contact. Currently I believe we only have Open and Close. Please consider adding Tamper state also. I guess the third state is also needed for motion sensors.

This would be useful for my alarm panel to show which zone is in tamper state.


Tamper isn't in our official capability enum for either contact or motion. If the driver supports TamperAlert capability there will be two values clear or detected.

For now, if you want to see tamper status just use a custom attribute tile with "tamperAlert" and you should see nothing if it isn't reporting tamper status or "clear" / "detected" if it has been set.

As for adding it to motion and contact, not sure the UI on this. Would you want to just see tamper detected in the tile if tamperAlert was detected or would you want to see clear the whole time?